Sunday, 16 October 2011

Some scribbles for day...16 of NaBloWriMo

Chrysalis wordcount for the year to date: 93,917
Number of stories written: 41

That is all I'll say for now, as I will be doing a proper statistical analysis when the year is over.

Paper edit progress: up to page 84 (start of chapter 17) in the transfer!
Current Scrivener word count: 98,535 (goal is 95k)

And I'm completely serious when I say: that's all, folks!

Except I am a liar, because I must compulsively add a P.S. to mention that I'm currently reading EPIC FAIL by Claire LaZebnik, and enjoying the heck out of it!

Oh, and P.P.S. (didn't you love doing heaps of P.S.s as a teen? i.e. right up into the P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S.s? Or was it just me?) Go NaBloWriMo!


  1. Yes, totally loved doing a heaps of PPPS's. Still hanging in there! We're over halfway through! Woohoo!

  2. You're slowly but surely trimming that Scrivener file down. Way to go! :D

  3. I remember PPPPPPS's

    Great job on trimming the file down
    = )

  4. @Danette - you shall be soon, too! hehe.

    @K.T. - thanks, it's quite satisfying!

    @Judie - got to love excessive postscript! hehe

  5. You sound busy :) So cool you're reading also. I'm intrigued just reading the title "Epic Fail". And you finished another Alex Cross novel. I have several books in the series, but haven't got around to reading them yet. Shame on me . .


  6. I use to love writing P.S. and P.S.S.S. :) Of course, that is back in the day when we passed notes in class instead of texting.

  7. Love P.S.s! Putting up my 7x7 post in a few minutes... Congratulations on your progress!

  8. @Donna - this is the first Alex Cross novel I read. I didn't know there were others! Intriguing...!

    @Ciara - I'm thinking it must be some universal teenaged thing. hehe

    @Deniz - yay! Going to go check out your 7x7. and thanks!

  9. haha those Ps take me back (and no, it's not just you)

  10. Lynda, I'm so glad to hear it! :) It's funny for me, looking back through my high school diaries and seeing stuff like that.


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