Friday, 21 October 2011

My NaNoWriMo past...and future

I thought I'd rehash my NaNo past, as well as briefly mention the future! A little research has shown me that I've done the following:

2003: SOMANA

In 2011, I'm writing two novels, so to the above list I will be adding:

Because I am determined that I will win this year as well! Maybe I won't actually finish both novels. Maybe I'll finish one and not the other! Maybe both will be 'complete' (I'm doubtful of this). Either way, I will write 50k on each novel. At the very least, I will write 50k altogether. The major challenge will not be writing a total of 100k. Rather it will be attempting to finish both novels.

I've participated in NaNoWriMo during other years, but either unofficially, or unsuccessfully. So I'm not listing those here. One of the unsuccessful years was me attempting to continue with the previous year's story. I wrote a bit on it, but not 50k. One year I didn't participate at all, and another I participated unofficially.

So there you go. It's on record now, for all to see! But now it's your turn!

What's your NaNo history?


  1. I'm doing Nano this year. My previous years, even though I've finished, have not been the best work (I really need to start the month with a rough outline, which I've got this year).

    That's a good goal of finishing 1 novel. My aim is to complete the one, and if I manage to do that, go back to my WiP and complete that.

    Good luck with your goals.

  2. I'm actually finishing the first draft of a novel, as we speak, so I'm ready for a bit of a break. Most years I write 2 books and have always watched NaNoWriMo from afar. It's a great way to get/keep motivated though. I'm always in awe of the people who can write 50K in such a short amount of time.

    I love how you are so organized, Trisha!!

  3. I'm unofficially participating in NaNo. Good luck with your goals. What a challenge you've set for yourself.

  4. @Cheree - yay, glad to hear you are on board with NaNo as well! Rough outlines are good, so long as they're not too detailed & suck the fun out of the whole thing. hehe

    @Liz - I'd say that averaging 2 novels a year, with or without NaNo, is a very great thing! I find it rather easy to write 50k in that space of time... Not necessarily a *good* 50k, of course.

    @Kari Marie - it's good to be unofficial in a way - but then you miss out on the shiny badges at the end. Still, I've been there!

  5. Never done it and probably never will. I don't write quickly and I don't pressure myself to (partly because with my son's school schedule there are some days there is no way I can write). But I always cheer on the NaNO participants. It's pretty amazing to me that people plan that much writing in a month! Cheers to you, Miss!!!

  6. Last year was my first, and I didn't finish the book, but hit the 50k (happy dance!). I was on the fence this year, untill I heard that we'd see snow in November. Forty minuted of shoveling knocks me out!

  7. Good luck with your double projects this year, I'm gonna try to crank one out this time too, hopefully!

  8. I heard about NaNo for the first time last year, and decided to participate, because my character, Casey, wanted her story told :). I managed to get to 50,000 too! It was so exciting! This year, I don't have time, as I'm supposed to be doing rewrites :(.

  9. Wow! What a list. That's awesome! I only have one NaNoWriMo under my belt, so I'm still a little unsure about my footing. I hope I get my 50,000 words done in time.

  10. I participated for the first time in 2009 and wrote my YA paranormal that is coming out in March 2012. Last year, I wrote The Curse of Gremdon, an adult high fantasy romance, which comes out in January 2012. I'm hoping to participate this year and write another YA paranormal. :)

  11. I found NaNo a few days before it began in 2006 and signed up. I was addicted! I have participated every year since and I have always made the 50K, generally more, but I've never actually finished a story. To finish a story would be a good goal. I'll have to ponder that.

  12. I participated in 2007, but did not finish. I finished (won) 2008, 2009 & 2010, but did not produce work that ever turned into novel material. I am on the fence this year. I love the concept of NaNo, but not sure I want to stop the editing I am doing right now on my first completed novel.

  13. Oh my gosh--that's IMPRESSIVE! I didn't do my first until 2009.But then I loved it so much that my writer's group created BuNoWriMo, too.:

    NaNo 2009: Deniability
    BuNo 2010: Kahlotus Disposal Site
    NaNo 2010: Player Down
    BuNo 2011: What Ales Me

    (Kahlotus is agented--the rest never edited, as of yet)

    NaNo 2011: Medium Wrong (and possibly some of Chrysanthemum Campaign)

  14. Wow very ambitious. Good luck! With everyone supporting you along the way, I'm sure you will be able toknock two on the head.
    I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the first time ever this year! Very nervous about it!

  15. You are ambitious! I'm actually contemplating doing something similar. I wasn't going to do NaNo this year because 1) I'd done it in the summer with Camp NaNoWriMo and 2) I'm supposed to be finishing a draft of a WIP. But NaNo is so fun and I recently was hit with a Shiny New Idea, so I'm sorely tempted. On the other hand, I don't know if I can handle NaNo and finishing that other draft. *SIGH*

    Anyway, good luck! I'll be cheering you on. :)

  16. Thanks for sharing your NaNo stories everyone! I like to hear what others have been doing as well :)

  17. Wow. That is an impressive list. :)

    I've done Nano in 2009 (Hailfire) and 2010 (Bring Back the Lightning). I may try to give it a go this year again too, law school or no. :P

  18. Ha, I wonder if you will be able to resist the pull of NaNo, Michael... :D I guess time will tell!

  19. This will be my second year doing NaNoWriMo, and like last year, I plan to win. :D I especially want to win with this novel I'm writing this year. It's just one novel I feel like I really have to finish. ^^

  20. That's awesome about your NaNo record. This'll be my third year and I plan to write two books. So far, I've won the other two years, but we'll see how two books go. Good luck! I'm bookworm0753 on the NaNo website.

  21. @Griffinclaw - sounds like you're pretty excited! I can relate to that!! I think all it takes to win is a determination to do so - so you'll get there easy!

    @Cherie - YAY, another person writing 2 books! Glad to be in the club with you. hehe. I'm not sure if we can add NaNoWriMo 'friends' there yet, but if we can I will add you!


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