Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Winter is my friend

That there is the kind of weather I love. We don't get it here, maybe that's why I love it so much. Pine for it, even. We don't get snow at all where I live. Apparently there is the occasional dusting of snow somewhere in my state - in the closest thing we have to mountains here - but for the most part, snow is practically a myth to people here.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a nice (cool) spring day. I can appreciate a nice gusty autumn day. I can even appreciate a hot summer's day, at least when I'm at the beach, in the water. But one of my favourite things is to travel overseas when it's winter there, and miss out on the grossness that is summer over here.


  1. You pine for it because you do not have to drive in it in rush hour in the morning when it takes you an hour and half where normally it would take you 35 minutes. :) Snow is great as long as you can stay home snug and warm. Well, great for a little while. But then come January I am ready for warmer days again. You should come live here for a while. You and I would have a great time!!!

  2. 'the grossness that is summer'... lol. I hear ya!! Not looking forward to summer here in Oz :(

  3. @Danette - yes, exactly - I don't have to deal with the sorts of winters everyone who lives in snow has to. :P So it's easy for me to say. re: hanging out with you, I think that would be heaps of fun!! I always love to visit the U.S., so maybe someday I will be in your neck of the woods :)

    @Lynda - me either. But then, I never do! Over here, our summers are getting more humid. It's UNcool, I tell ya.

  4. Ah very cool! I hate both the very cold and very hot weather as my metabolism can't cope. I love fresh spring and autumn days best and the warmth of summer sunshine.

  5. It certainly is pretty, and as much as people complain about it, it's nice as a change, and a far sight easier to dress for than the "grossness of summer."(damn Puritanical decency laws!
    Then I have to shovel it, and it's not so pretty anymore.

  6. I LOVE winter. For about 2 weeks. Then I'm DONE. I would be so content to just visit it, instead I live with 7 months of it. URGH! Man, I hope fall holds on!

  7. Winter is my least favorite season. But it is mostly because I have to drive (aka slip, slide, white knuckle)in the powdery stuff. If I could stay home on the couch with a book and a warm drink. I wouldn't mind it so much.

  8. I live just below Dartmoor, and last winter my car got snowed under for 2 weeks. Great fun... I think!

  9. there is something about being in a surrounding by nothing by white snow that has certain magical appeal, like the world has stopped and its resting in some way. probably why I seems to want to sleep during the winter days.

    hope you've having a lovely day.

  10. @Madeleine - I love those too!

    @Will - yeah, I've never had to shovel snow. I guess it's easy for me to like it. hehehe

    @Hart - visiting it is probably better by far than living with it for 7 months, I'll concede. I think it'd take a while for the novelty to wear off for me though. A good long while.

    @Judie - yes, staying at home would make it all much nicer!

    @Laura - okay, THAT'S not so fun.

    @Lissa - thank you! Hope you are too! and yes, that is the magical side of a snowy winter day.


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