Thursday, 24 November 2016

7 days of NaNo to go

Since my last update when I reported that I'd finished my novella for this year's NaNo, I've also finished another of my unfinished novels - THE PHOTOGRAPH. I then worked on IVY NIGHT for a while, before the slog got a bit too difficult, so I moved to working on TURKEY BOURKE.

My wordcount is currently 41,255, though I haven't written any of today's words yet, as you can see from the chart. I'll continue to work on TURKEY until I feel that familiar "argggghhh" feeling. Hopefully that won't be until I'm finished the novel! It would be great to finish three works this time around. :) I'd also have liked to finish IVY NIGHT, but that one has quite a bit of writing still to do, so it's a longer-term project.

Once November's over, I need to get cracking on the last three songs for our next album. Billy has posted an update saying there is a new WAG album (ours), and a new Rotting Apples album (his) coming out next year. Eek! No pressure or anything! Sometimes he gets me to do some of his vocals for him, but I'm not sure what his plan is for the next RA album.

So that's my update for now! I hope you are all doing really well. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

NaNo 2016 update - so many stories

It's sort of midway through November, so I thought I'd do a quick update on how I'm doing.

  1. I've finished my "novel", DIE BEACHSIDE, which turned out to be a novella at just on 30k. It's fairly basic, more a sketch I guess, and will need fleshing out, so it will get longer. I don't know how much longer - it may still be a novella when I'm done with it, someday.
  2. I'm now working on finishing off a previous NaNo novel I wrote named THE PHOTOGRAPH,  to help with the journey to 50k.
  3. Once I'm finished with this novel, which I only have one chapter left to finish for, I will move onto working on another of my unfinished novels, IVY NIGHT, and see how much I can finish off that. That one has a lot more writing that needs to be done, so it should get me to 50k.
  4. On the off chance that it doesn't, I also have the second novel in the SQUEAKY-verse, which has been gathering dust for years now.

So I should end up with at least two finished works, if not three. I doubt I will finish all four, but you never know. :)

My NaNo playlist for DIE BEACHSIDE features some post hardcore / screamo bands like Story of the Year (Page Avenue) and Young Guns (All Our Kings Are Dead and Bones), as well as Blink-182 (Dude Ranch and Enema of the State mostly) and Kings of Leon (Come Around Sundown). It also has a few other songs here and there that are sprinkled in from Seam, Lacuna Coil, and others.

And that's my update for now! I hope those of you doing NaNo are doing well. :) I will report in later in the month, I hope, for the Coffee House and Goals post.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Missed post, and NaNoWriMo 2016

Oops! I fully intended to participate in the "Do You Have Goals?" and Cephalopod Coffeehouse traditions on Friday. But I have been so busy and distracted that the blog post was one thing that slipped. However, in keeping with my current "tradition" of posting at least once a month, I'm lucky to still have the last day of October (today!) to at least give some sort of update.

This isn't a proper post like I would have done on Friday if I had my wits about me, but I do have updates to share, so here they are:
    Halloween-ready - including cutlass
    created last-minute
  1. Music - only three songs left to work on for the next album! I submitted two within the last month. Slowly but surely, we're getting there.
  2. Study - second-last assignment for the year is submitted, so now just one to go  and I'll be home free.
  3. Halloween - went to a Halloween party, and spent way more time than usual putting my outfit together - including home-made cutlass. ;)
  4. Cats - we've had a few events lately for the cat rescue, and we're all looking forward to a break. This coming Saturday we have a huge event on that goes all day. I also have two other events that day. Gahhhh. When will it end?
  5. Reading - reading Poldark book #7 now - the last book in the "main series", before we start reading more about their children's stories in the next books.
  6. Writing - in a moment of sheer madness I decided to do NaNoWriMo 2016. Let me explain...

I don't know why I'm doing NaNo, but apparently I am. I thought I could try to work on finishing off some of my unfinished novels, but I also looked through my "novel ideas" and picked one to work on, just in case working on the unfinished novels doesn't get me enough words. I'll probably start the new idea first, because I'm like that. Then if I run out of steam I'll work on some of the other novels.

So my novel for this year is titled "Die Beachside", and was inspired by a dream (a very scary dream!) I once had. This is very much a pantsing scenario in which I have no idea how things are going to go, and had to quickly work out some details of plot in the few days leading up to November. Here is a link to my novel.

Are you doing NaNo?
If not, what else are you up to?

Friday, 30 September 2016

[SEPT UPDATE] Cephalopod Book Club & Goals [OH, AND NETFLIX!]

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! Two months in a row - this is a record (at least in the new incarnation of my blog where I've been lucky to update every 2 months ;) ). Maybe it's a sign that things are picking up and I'm finding a bit more balance? Ha. One can only hope!

I'm now reading Book #6 of Poldark, which means I have finished Book #5 (the only Sept book finished so far!). Naturally my review is going to be about Book #5.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more dramatic and shocking... This is what I wrote the very night I finished this read:

"I shouldn't have finished this book tonight because how am I going to sleep?!? Many emotions are swirling around... but mostly sadness and, the main one, FURY! I had no idea I would end up abhorring three different characters in this one book. George Warleggan, damn you to hell. But not before you get damned, most putrid Whitworth. You are the scummiest scum the pond ever saw. Oh, and Elizabeth. Congrats, lady, you finally made my sh*t list.

     Heartbreaking end to this book in so many ways. I must read on fast to get some good news to make up for this!"

This is the blurb from GoodReads:
"Cornwall 1794. The birth of a son to Elizabeth and George Warleggan serves only to accentuate the rift between the Poldark and Warleggan families. And when Morwenna Chynoweth, now governess to Elizabeth's eldest son, grows to love Drake Carne, Demelza's brother, the enduring rivalry between George and Ross finds a new focus for bitter enmity and conflict."

Currently Reading: Winston Graham's The Four Swans (Poldark, #6)

I do. But nothing's happening with them! Therefore, nothing to see here. Moving along.

NETFLIX list: September Edition ~

I thought I'd add one little "segment" to this post, because I have been spending my time watching some shows on Netflix - quite a few shows, actually. I know, I know, this is not creatively productive. But at least I'm somehow involved in something creative, even if it is as a spectator at this time. ;)

Soooo, these are some of my favourites watched on Netflix lately (some I'm still in the midst of watching):

I got particularly addicted to The Good Wife and have watched all seven seasons. It was so hard to say goodbye, wahhhhh. But I really loved how they did the last episode, with "he who shall not be named (due to spoilers)" returning for that episode. This definitely wasn't a "happy" series, but it was excellent and despite the criticisms of the last one or two seasons, I think they did it very well. I was sort of hoping for a really bleak outcome for one of the main characters, though - guess I'm a bit twisted that way.

Oh, and Marcella?? Eight episodes of pure genius, and my heart practically stopped in that very last scene. Wonderful show.