Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another day missed

I was going to try and throw something together for my daily NaBloWriMo post last night, just before bedtime, but in the end I said..."Naaaaaaah." So there you have it. Anyway...because I seem to have a policy now that requires me to put an image in every blog post I do, I'm going to share this one:

This is a photo I took when in Melbourne (at the airport) in errr, 2008 I think. I had gone there for a professional conference (library stuff), but of course professional stuff doesn't preclude enjoying an icy cold beer at the airport. Which is precisely what I did!

I think this picture really sums up travelling for me.

In other news, I'm up to page 33 of my edit transfers. Slow going, but at least it's going at all!

I need need NEED to answer today's (or yesterday's...or the day before's, really) NaBloWriMo prompt, because it says this:

Given that Autumn is busting out all over, which is your favourite season and why? Alternately, which is your LEAST favourite season and, of course, why?

First off, we don't have autumn here right now. We have spring, going into summer. And to answer the second part, I abhor summer to the fibre of its very being, especially given how humid our summers are getting down here. I recently heard it summarised something like this: "Perth is becoming Melbourne, and Melbourne is becoming Hobart...and Hobart's becoming the Antarctic."

And to answer the first part, my favourite season is winter, autumn and spring, in that order.


  1. I skipped a Nablo... I thought. And then I saw the prompt and threw a post up there for today. Then I looked back and realized that since I had been posting them at midnight- last night was the first time I hadn't posted at midnight but I'd had all day to still post. So I guess I am still on target in a lame sort of way. Love the pic. I get why it would say airports to you and cheers on the edits. I am not getting any writing done for many reasons...

  2. I'm with you on the seasons. Where I live, summer's awfully humid too. On the other hand, I don't like spring as much because that's when allergy season starts up. All the trees blooming and pollen...pollening...ah, but winter; winter we get snow, and Christmas, and New Year's, and holiday breaks...it's the most wonderful time of the year! :P

  3. I'm with you on summer! Summer in NQ is terrible. Winter is fantastic, but we pay for it in summer!

    There is an award for you on my blog when you're over there next.

  4. And see - I'm in Alaska, and even in the summer it's only KIND OF warm - so summer's it for me.

    I hate spring. It's this big tease, "summer's almost here" only summer's not here. So that's random, but there it is.

  5. Winter before autumn?? But autumn is harvest time! And harvest means beer. Mmm, beer...

  6. Spring is actually really cute around here - all the baby aminules out & about. I love to hear the 'baby' magpies (way puffier than their parents) doing their funny high-pitched baby magpie caw.

    @Jolene - I think living in a place like Alaska, I could get to really love summer. A summer that mild is one I can tolerate for sure!

    @Deniz - I do really like autumn, but here in Aus it's a little more boring - no fancy tree colours, and not as many trees that shed leaves, etc.

    @Danette - at least you're on target for NaBlo! it's the small things...hehe

    @Michael - I never used to have allergies, but nowadays I do get a touch of hayfever. I think I've become a little allergic to my kittehs too. Oh well, nothing will keep me away from them!

    @Jen - I can imagine what kind of summers you guys have. Yech!! Thank you for the award!

  7. You have Krispy Kreme in AU? I haven't seen one of those in ages.

  8. Re: Krispy Kreme, we do have them...but not in Western Australia. People rave on about them, but personally I wasn't that impressed. Maybe I'm just difficult to please!


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