Sunday, 9 October 2011

I wrote some stories for the Chrysalis Experiment

And by "some" I mean 40, to date. By the end of the year it will be 52!

Anyway... NaBloWriMo, Day 9! I'd like to kick off the entry proper by saying: To all who have left me a comment lately but haven't received a visit in return...I apologise! But that's one of my 'things' to work on tomorrow, so look out for me invading your blog.

Now, on some other notes:
  1. Good news: I finished this week's Chrysalis story (#40) with mere hours to spare. Bad news? It's not really finished, and it's not really a short story. Sigh. Another one to add to a very long list.
  2. I haven't forgotten my Globetrotter Series, in fact I was just thinking about getting my next post up very soon. Just not sure when... Stay tuned!
  3. On the paper edit transfers, I'm up to page 23. Of 188 pages. The revised word count (in Scrivener) is 100,962. Better than the 101-something I had before. But I haven't got to the really good bits yet (i.e. good bits for ripping out unnecessary words). Soon, my pretties. Sooooon.
  4. I'm currently reading ALEX CROSS'S TRIAL by James Patterson. I haven't read much of it, not at all, but I like it so far! Prior to that, I read THE PACT by Jodi Picoult. I can't even remember if I've reviewed that at GoodReads...
Aaaaaand that's me done for Day 9!


  1. You are a writing machine. Go, you!

    I've read some of Patterson's books and mostly enjoyed them. I think he does a great job in the YA genre too.

  2. Good luck with your blogging month of insanity ;D

  3. Congratulations on all the hard work. That button for the Chrysalis Experiment is nice and shiny.

  4. Excellent! Your so good at setting goals and keeping at it even if you don't always get right on it. That's a really good trait!

  5. I'm still working on this week's story but I'm pretty far into it. Must finish before I go to bed. Am do for a post today.

  6. Wow, you're inspiring me! I'm revising one novel, while plotting another. Strangely, it's a good combo. What I do for one, strengthens the other.


  7. Wow, you seem to be getting a lot done writing-wise! I've read THE PACT. I found it quite depressing...

  8. Yay for your blog invasion :)
    I just finished Postcard Killers and pleasantly surprised... a little light refreshment after my usual chick-lit fodder

  9. You are one amazing writer. That is a lot of work. BTW - love the button. :)

  10. Wha? How short are those short stories? Congratulations on doing so many!
    And urk, I hear you on trying to cut the word count. I went down 20,000 to 120,000...

  11. I'm so impressed by how many short stories you've written. How brilliant.

  12. Thanks everybody for the comments!

    @Rachel - yes, THE PACT was depressing, wasn't it? I wasn't really satisfied with the ending either... I mean, it didn't give me any sense of hope, really. oh well.

    @Liz - this is my first Patterson, J.!

    @Debbie - that's an interesting take on it, and I like the idea. I guess as you notice things in your revisions, you make a mental note not to repeat mistakes in your new writing!

    @Laura - never heard of it, but will check it out. Thanks!

    @Ciara - it's pretty, huh? I didn't make it though, not much of a graphics guru!

    @Deniz - they vary. Some are barely 1k, while the longest (to date) got to 22k (it's not finished). Going to have to report on averages and so on, when I'm done!


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