Friday, 26 June 2015

[JUNE UPDATE] Book Club & Goals ... and Mal / Jayne

This month I have a very simple little review for you, as I am all drained of energy and steam to write a better one!

Basically ... I love this series and want to see it all on the big screen, NOW!

I really admire Marie Lu's world of LEGEND that she has built. I am going to miss the characters now that the story is over. But I guess I can always read it over again!

The description in these books, Champion included, does put me in mind of some of the anime series I've seen on DVD, and that is a good thing.

I was happy with how things wrapped up. Towards the end I was worried it was going to be some cruel cliffhanger, but thankfully Lu didn't do that to her readers!

All in all ... a thumbs up!

What I said last time, still applies this time. I am terribly sorry to say I have nothing more to say than that. I will say that I'm steadily saving up to pay for the production of my band's next album, so that's something! I guess I might just focus on that.

Oh, and THIS...


This weekend is SupaNova 2015, and tonight I'm going to see Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin on stage together, in the flesh!! This is majorly exciting as I am a Browncoat in spirit if not in fact, e.g. don't have an actual brown coat to wear around! There are other people I'll see during the weekend who are pretty exciting too, but you can't really top Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin on a Friday night. ;)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Movie Mayhem! $10 movies

My mobile phone service provider has this really cool deal where you can get $10 movie tickets. In Australia, that's a great discount, since movie tickets cost well over $20 each these days. I went to two movies today (yes, a bit over the top of me!) and ahead of the second movie I bought a 'small' popcorn...for $7.80 or so. But anyway, moving on.

These are the movies I've seen since early April, not long after I first signed up for this rewards program:


Insurgent - I am really liking how these movies are going, but having read the books, I'm curious how they're going to handle book three. I guess time will tell! But for now, the movies are pretty enjoyable. The people behind these productions have really brought the story to life, and I will definitely be buying the DVDs at some point!

Avengers: Age of Ultron - I wasn't all ga-ga over the first Avengers movie. I enjoyed it, sure, but unlike most people I didn't walk out of the cinema thinking it was the best movie ever made. I'll still happily see all these movies at the cinema. With this one I believe there was some controversy over the treatment of the Black Widow character? But as someone who hasn't ever been a comic book reader, this was lost on me.

San Andreas - As soon as I saw the short for this, I knew I wanted to see it. For some sick reason, I love disaster movies - Deep Impact is one of my all-time faves, and I even like cheesy crap like Armageddon (though Deep Impact is a way better movie, I must say!). With San Andreas, I wasn't at all surprised by the scene at the end with the big American flag unfurling (reminded me of the similar scene in Armageddon, actually). It's basically a requirement of cheesy disaster movies. All in all, though, I was entertained, and in some ways, pleasantly surprised, by this movie.

Cinderella - I love a good Cinderella movie. But I suppose after seeing one like Ever After and having it become your all-time fave, it's hard to move on to another one. Especially as Ever After is the only one that has the hotness of Dougray Scott in it. hehe. This was still a cute, magical movie. But I just couldn't believe Cinderella never snapped after how amazingly horrible her step mother was to her!

And just today, I saw these two:

Jurassic World - I always get nostalgic when a new Jurassic movie comes out. I saw the first movie when I was in my first year of high school, on an excursion. It was so amazingly epic that the movie made a serious impact on my life. While the later movies might not have had such a strong impact, I still have loved them all. This one was good, too, though I have to agree with a large part of this article regarding the comparative sexism in this one. Still, for a bit of dumbed down action that wasn't nearly as philosophical as the original movie, this one did all right.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Obviously these movies have a certain type of stupid humour, but at least they're not as stupid as Dumb and Dumber, or certain other movies I can't even remember right now. I've never really got into Glee and I'm not really into musicals, but I enjoyed Pitch Perfect when I saw it for the first time recently. So I figured I'd give this one a go too! I was entertained, and that's all I asked for.

So yeah... that's been my movie watching lately. I love my mobile service provider. :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

IWSG #13 - "So far away" like the Dire Straits song

I feel that I could sing that epic Dire Straits song to all of my novels, all of my undrawn drawings, all my short stories ... etc. Those beloved things are all fairly far away from me! I did some editing in the last month (at least, I think it was within the last month ... the days and weeks are going by in a blur), at a writer's gathering which I mentioned recently. But that's it, really.

I guess at least I've been reading, staying in touch somehow with the craft. But I do miss the writing. I've been busy with work, a little bit of travel, kitty rescue, and family stuff. So it's not like I've just been sitting around doing nothing. Also, I'm getting solar panels on my roof, and I'm signing up for REAL INTERNET (e.g. not this little pocket wifi with a puny data allowance that I've survived on for years now). But in general I guess I feel a little bereft, and far removed from the craft I love - the craft of writing. At least I still have the very strong desire to write! If I didn't have that, I'd be worried.

On a related note, this is June, and June is BuNoWriMo month. I'm admitting to myself and to the world here and now that I'm not participating this year, as much as I wish I was. But I will be ready for NaNo in November, at least.

Right now I need to go as I am super sleep deprived, since I woke up in the middle of the night last night worried about all the homeless kitties my group hasn't managed to adopt out yet. But I'm glad I managed to update for this monthly IWSG hop which I have missed quite a few times lately. It's important to me, just like writing is!