Monday, 31 October 2011


My completed paper edit transfer to Scrivener thingy!

FYI, I tend to use the words 'thingy' and 'thingies' a lot. In my universe, they are words. Anyway, the edits are done and I'm ready to send the novel off to my beta-reader. Wheee, I have a beta-reader! I also have one more goal to cross off my list!

Now I can turn my attention to NaNoWriMo and the two novels I'll be writing during November!

There was a discussion on the NaNo forums about last-minute projects people are trying to get done before November 1st. This was mine. I do have a Chrysalis story to finish, which technically was due yesterday...or maybe even on Friday. I can't remember if it was my turn to post the Friday feature or not. Either way, I'll get that one done tonight, and then tomorrow NaNo begins!

What about you? Do you have any last-minute projects to finish before November? What about end-of-year tasks?


  1. Well, I finished reading WriteOnCon posts so now I just want to finish reading my book before the month hits. I've been working on names the past few days and I think I'm finally satisfied.

  2. That's huge; congratulations!!!

    I wanted to finish my list of yet unwritten Chrysalis stories (eek) and character sketches for acts 2-5 of my NANO book (double eek)...

    So, yeah. I'm currently looking into time machines on Ebay, because using one of those bad boys is the only way I'll get all that writing done!

    Oh, and "thingy" is a word in my universe too, and often followed by "mabob," for particular emphasis:)

  3. Geez, I've been running around like a dashund on a treadmill trying to get a clean run at NaNo, but it's going to be a busy month but writers are used to those stolen moments!

    Congrats on getting your darling off to the beta!


  4. Good for you! You are a machine when it comes to getting your goals done!! WooHOO!!!

  5. Woohoo! Well done - I have to run to work - but I'll get right on to it later. and me? I'll be writing mine and reading yours through November - so a very literary month ahead!
    Looking forward to getting stuck in - and congratulations

  6. Congratulations! Good for you. I have decided to take a few steps back and concentrate on outlining, plotting, research and reading as much as possible because while I can write okay I need to flesh out my story lines better.

  7. Congratulations! :)

    I don't really have any projects to finish before November . . . I managed to beat my goal of finishing the novel I started August 1 earlier in October. Now it's all worry over NaNo.

  8. Congrats! Bravo! Huzzah!

    I haven't done a bit of planning for NaNoWriMo, except vague ideas about characters. I haven't even named the Really Big Bad yet. C'est la vie. :P

  9. Well done! I'm SOOOOOOO not ready. I still have about 40 pages to edit and an ending to write. And nano starts in about 2 hours. *sigh*

  10. It's day #1 of NaNo and I have to wait hours and HOURS before starting!! BAH to work!

  11. BAH indeed! I had to wait till seven pm to get started. But I managed 1842 words, so I'm pretty happy with that :)
    Go, Wrimos!

  12. Squeee!
    By the way, one of the other authors on our writers' forum is a massive Scrivener fan and she's sucking me into the vortex....... I might be getting Scrivener for Windows when it launches next Monday. Eek!


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