Monday, 14 March 2011

My coffee lady is leaving me :(

Every day on my way to work, I stop at the same near work café and see Alex and Nadia. I give them money, they stamp my Coffee Lovers Card, and they make me a beautiful coffee (or hot chocolate, depending on the mood). In short, they (and their beverage) help me start out my day just right. But now Alex is leaving, and I'm sad!!

I always looked forward to having a chat in the mornings, and I loved the little presents of chocolate they gave their best customers (I am one of those) at Christmas, etc. She was a bit emotional about it, which was why she left it till the last day to tell me she was going. Haha. I know the café she's going to, so will be able to pop in and see her sometimes. But still, it won't be the same!! According to another colleague of mine, she's been there at least six years, maybe longer.

But at least Nadia will still be there - she is as awesome as Alex, for sure.

In other happier news (unless you're my MC, then maybe it's not so happy), I'm up to the chapter in revisions of SUNDOWN where she gets "accidentally assaulted". Well, I'm going to rewrite it so that the injury to her is entirely an accident, but is the direct result of her punching a total douchebag in the face after he says something awful to her. Whee? Yes, whee! And this moment will mark the beginning of everything unravelling for her. I've got past the chapters that were a pain in the butt to edit, and now I'm up to the stuff I am really excited about. I'm wondering if this tells me the stuff I wasn't so excited about needs to be rethought (i.e. discarded?). But certain scenes from those chapters are necessary to the plot. However, they could be summarised, perhaps.

I guess I'm just happy to leave those questions for later, and get onto the really juicy stuff. To reiterate: Wheee!


  1. Well, I literally understand how it would be when you are parting with someone!!!

    Why don't you make the parting memorable?? Use some cool gifts / print a "miss you" certificate and give her / .. think something for Alex.

    Believe me, both of you shall love it!!

    with warm regards

  2. Sorry about your coffee lady, but at least she'll be nearby. Sounds like you're going to have some fun with your revisions :)

  3. I am sorry to hear your coffee lady is leaving. Change is hard. Well done with the revisions. I spent all of Friday and Saturday editing and revising a short story. Can't imagine how I would inefficiently tackle a novel. Well done you.

  4. Coffee can end up a ritual in your day. Good luck with revisions!

  5. I agree that punching db's is a 'whee!' moment. Good luck.

  6. I just receive my free proof copy of my nano novel and I cant wait to pick it up at the post office tomorrow morning! I start college at 9:30 so I have an hour to kill by reading my awful book XD

    Are you using your proof copy to edit or all on computer?

  7. Thanks everyone!

    These revisions have been a long time coming. When I got my proof copy, I thought I'd done a pretty good job on my first major revision, but since then the novel has changed shape (and got skinnier, thankfully!) rather dramatically. :D

    Zenxara - nah, I put the proof copy aside, haven't used it for editing. Just for a hug now and then. lol. I'm doing all my work on the computer - though I did print out a copy when I travelled, to edit on paper. But I did that too soon, before many changes were made afterwards on the computer. So when I'm done with this current revision, I'll print out another copy and do a read-through that way.

    THEN I think I'll be ready for a beta :)

    With the proof though, I think I did read a few things in it and thought, "Hey, that needs editing!" :P I'm excited to hear you got your copy, you should share photos when you have it!! :)

  8. I totally will post my pictures! And sorry for my so many blogs but yes you where at the right one thanks XD I change the name of it not to long ago so it must have been confusing.Sorry XD

  9. Hi Trisha! It's sad when the people that give you your comfort food leave :( It's good that you can still see her though. Sounds like you're in a good place on your edits. Oh and thanks for dropping by today-- you're right, it is hard to find an atheist or agnostic around and good to find someone of similar mindset. Cheers!


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