Saturday, 22 October 2011

Zombie Trisha

Can you see it? I know, it's tiny! But I was searching Google for an appropriate zombie picture and I couldn't find any.

Now I guess you're wondering why I needed a zombie pic. Basically I was looking for something that would do my current appearance justice. I finally had my skin cancer removed and now I have a rather misshapen forehead. It really looked like I had little aliens growing in there. Not that the lumps were moving - no, they were perfectly dormant - but still, the description fit.

I'm not in much pain, just a little discomfort, and my lovely man stocked me up with white whine and chocolate (and leftover Thai food...mmmmm!), so I am all set. My mum is coming over at some point to wash the blood out of my hair. And then on Monday it's back to work, unless I decide I'm too ugly to be seen in public.

Meanwhile, today I am working on revisions. Currently I'm up to page 115 of 188. And I just realised I haven't paid any attention whatsoever to the Chrysalis prompt for this week. So I guess I better get a story written somewhere in the next few days.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. You poor thing! I hope you are feeling okay, and if not, drink more wine. Get well soon!

  2. There has to be a better zombie picture than that on google. But I'll bet you could draw one better and one that probably looked more like the actual thing! ;)
    Sounds like you'll have some time to recover and rest and get some editing done. And yes, drink plenty of wine, lots more chocolate (I highly recommend chocolate!). Hopefully it will look better soon and you'll not feel quite so zombie-esh. (I really think you're probably exaggerating but I'll humor you because you had a surgery).

  3. I was going to put up a photo but I couldn't find my camera cord to get the photos off. I found out now, so I'll share a photo sometime soon. Heh. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating. Except I will say I still have both my eyes, so I'm grateful for that indeed!!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Chocolate and white wine...not bad medicine.

    This weekend I'm going to poison my man. Yep. For whatever reason he decided I should cook dinner for him. My kids won't eat my cooking but he thought, how bad can it be? He'll know tonight. ;P

  5. Awwww. So sorry to hear this, but glad you have a thoughtful hubby and Mum to take care of you. Get better soon. And best of luck with the revisions.

    I've got a weekend of revising ahead as well. And I'm finally not feeling overwhelmed by it all =)

  6. You are a busy woman! Make sure you rest between writing and revising. I hope your recovery goes well. I will be writing this weekend. I'm so excited!

  7. I hope you feel better. Chocolate helps everything!

    I'm heading to a farmers market, then a friend's art sale, then it's back home to write. It's such a beautiful day, I had to be out a little!


  8. I think the wine will speed your recovery nicely.

  9. Hope you feel better soon!

    Reading, blogging, plan to watch a movie later this evening . . .

  10. @Judie - I hope he survived your cooking. hehe. Are you going to write about that??

    @Ruth - not hubby, but noice nonetheless! Glad to hear of your progress in not feeling overwhelmed!

    @Laura - well, I'm doing all this while sitting on the couch eating food, drinking coffee and drinking wine. Does that count as resting? ;) Have a great writing weekend!

    @Debbie - thank you! Sounds like you're having a lovely day where you live!

    @Dan - that was my thinking exactly!

    @Golden Eagle - excellent plans for the day! Enjoy it!

  11. Now that it's over and you're recovering I can laugh - do you know how funny that sounds??? "My mum is coming over at some point to wash the blood out of my hair."
    Ha ha!
    Glad to hear the recovery's going well :-)

  12. Yeah, Deniz, even as I said it, I got inspiration for some kind of short horror story. hehe


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