Friday, 14 October 2011

NaBlo and NaNo...and face transplants

That picture is actually a photograph of a photocopy of a pen/ink drawing. By pen/ink, I mean it was an inky pen that I drew with and then wet with some water to make it more 'inky smudgy' like. I recall that the original paper is kind of crinkly because of the water I dabbed onto it. It's one of many pictures I copied from a photograph originally, so I can't claim all the credit. Still, I like it! And I am using it for this year's NaNoWriMo profile picture.

Yep, I'm all ready for NaNo this year!! I can't wait! I'm writing two novels, or at least I'm spending 15 days on one, and 15 days on the other. It's going to be tough, because sometimes with NaNo I finish my 50k and then get to slack off. This year, I won't be able to slack off for the entire month! Unless I make 50k on each novel really quickly. But no, even then I won't be able to slack off till I reach 50k on my second novel.

Today is head cutty cutty day, so wish me luck! Naturally by that I don't mean I'm getting my head cut off - wouldn't be much point in asking you to wish me luck with that, would there? Speaking of that, I have always maintained that if the time should ever come that I should need a face transplant, I'd ask to be put out of my misery instead. Naturally I can't really say what I'd do until I'm in that situation (which hopefully I never will be!), but at this stage I just think I would too gross having someone's dead face on my head. Same with any exterior limb, I think. Weird that having an organ transplant isn't nearly as gross to me.

What about you? Would you get a face transplant if you lost your own face?


  1. NO idea on the transplant, lol. But your pic is amazing :D

  2. The picture is great. No on the face transplant. I don't even think I want a transplant. You are a N.U.T. But you are getting your post done each day so congrats! ;)

  3. In other is NOT head cutty cutty day. Rather, it's next week. So I will write about how it wasn't today in my blog post tomorrow. :P

  4. Nice picture, I'm geared up for Nano myself this year. It's gonna be awesome.

    Would I get a face transplant if I lost my face? Can I get one of those exact replica masks I found early this week on the internet? Those were creepy cool. Some Japanese company will construct a 'mask' for you that is an exact replica of your face. Very cool.

  5. Rusty - so very true. I'd rather have an obviously-fake, plastic version of my real face than someone else's dead face!

  6. Beautiful picture. :)

    I'm participating in NaNo too as well as attempting two novels. Go us!

    I don't think I would want a face transplant. Organ transplants wouldn't be bad because you don't see the organs.

  7. I had no idea you were an artist! I'm with you on the face transplant. I think I'd be shocked every time I looked in the mirror. I actually came up with a story idea based around a face transplant several years ago. Don't know if I'll ever write it.


  8. Head Cutty Cutty Day would be a very...interesting holiday. Cause of course there'd be Head Cutty Cutty Eve, and the day after, and gifts, and themed Hallmark cards, and rampant commercialization...:P

  9. We should start a forum group for NaNoists writing two novels.

  10. Love that idea, Brooke!!!

    @Michael - I feel a story of yours coming on. lol

    Thanks for all the other comments, people - glad I'm not alone when it comes to the idea of face transplants. hehe


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