Monday, 24 October 2011

What I'm reading

This is what I'm reading at the moment, thanks to a colleague who lent it to me at least a year ago (probably more like two...). I've put it off time and time again, but finally I'm getting stuck in. Because, as that colleague of mine told me, "You've got to read at least one Jackie Collins novel in your life."

This, my friends, is the one.

What are you reading?


  1. Goodness--I read this when I was just a kid, well, a younger woman. It was revolutionary at the time.
    Reading at this time? I am having trouble with my eyes and migraines. I am looking at the photos in the millions of Christmas catalogs that are in the mail.

  2. I can't believe you haven't read a Jackie Collins before this. I think I read one of hers in college (long before you were born, my friend) I'm reading a bio of Oscar Wilde at the moment.

  3. hehehe, I've heard that said too, but I've resisted ;)

    I've just finished three books written by fellow bloggers so now I'm back to ploughing through Perdido Street Station...until something else distracts me.

  4. @Susan - I'm find it a little depressing so far... The characters are all such bastards (or idiots).

    @Danette - I can't believe it either!

    @Lynda - you are a stronger woman than I in resisting! hehe

  5. I'm reading If I Tell, and I'm liking it a lot, not LOVING it, but liking it a lot.

  6. Hmm... you've changed some things, haven't you, Trisha? I'm actually getting my blog critiqued tomorrow so I'll probably be making a few changes as well. I'm already planning on changing my labels. I get very antsy over them.

    Currently, I'm trying to read as many books as possible before November. In November I'm planning to reread and read all of Ellen Hopkins' books. Only because I want to have them all fresh in my mind when I go to see her and the tone of her novels matches what I want in my NaNo novel.

  7. @Jolene - that's one I haven't read! I know what you mean about liking but not loving. I kind of feel that way about a fair few of the books I've read lately.

    @Brooke - yes, I've been messing around with my blog layout. Still not completely satisfied with what I've got!

  8. I've never read a Jackie Collins book. After that recommendation, I guess I'll have to look into it.

  9. Ah, Jackie Collins... I forced one down last year after they gave it away at the Cloths Show. The Stud I think it was called... now Jilly Cooper... there's a guilty pleasure :)

  10. @Ciara - well, from what I've read so far, it really IS trashy. If you're willing to risk that, go for it. hehe

    @Laura - yeah, I'm kind of forcing this one down right now. lol. I don't believe I've read any Jilly Cooper... Will have to hunt one down!

  11. I agree - you have to read at least one Jackie Collins novel. I believe I read two (Hollywood Wives and Hollywood Husbands). Definitely fun, and yes trashy, books.

    What am I reading now? The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. It's a middle grade novel and as I explain to my husband, it's research since that is the genre I write in. I figure that gives me a good excuse to sit in my comfy chair and read for a while when writer's block sets in.

  12. I don't think I feel compelled to read Jackie Collins, as it isn't my genre, but I do have some authors I really think people should read a sample from.

    I'm currently reading Roland Yeoman's 'The Legend of Victor Standish'.

  13. I've never read one of her books either, but my friends keep telling me I should. Maybe I'll pick one up for a light read. I can always use another one of those!

  14. Good tip maybe I'll get it from the library. Hope you enjoy it :O)

  15. That's definitely old-school! Hope you enjoy it, she's worth reading at least once for sure.

  16. I THINK I read a Collins' book in high school??? Maybe...

    Currently I'm reading Finding Sarah by Terry O'Dell - I've just started it, but it's great so far. I love all of her books - great romantic suspense.

  17. @Halli - I haven't read much MG, but a bit. It's fun!

    @Hart - I'm not sure it's my genre either...but I'll read almost anything!

    @E.R. - I'd be interested to see what you thought. Heh.

    @Madeleine - so far it's a mixture of depressing, due to the horrible characters, and trashy. And yet I'm still reading!

    @Julie - I like how on the cover it says "her latest international bestseller", when it's so old by now.

    @Jemi - I've heard OF that but can't remember what it's about. Gonna have to check it out on GoodReads. :) Same with all the above books I haven't heard of!


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