Monday, 7 August 2017

A quick word count update!

Time for a quick revision update!

My initial 2017 revision of DAPHNE took me from 107,902 to 126,249 words.

Last time I checked in about word count, I had shed around 3.5 - 4k of words, but today I have a more encouraging update. I'm down to 116,968 words. So I've shed 9,281 words so far.

I'm not entirely sure where I want or need my word count to be, honestly, and I'm not usually the type to worry more about word count than about the story making sense and flowing well. I'm sure there are a lot more words I can cut simply because they're not needed. And some parts still need rewriting.

I don't have much more to say, I suppose, so I'll leave it at this very short update. For now...onward!


  1. Good stuff!
    I think if you get it close to 100,000, you're good.

  2. Nice going!

    I usually try to pare down only so much as to prevent my stories from feeling bloated, but I don't target a specific word count.

    Best of luck with your editing. :-)

  3. I love to see how my word counts change when I'm revising/rewriting/editing. :)

  4. It can be hard to gauge the "ideal weight" for any book in terms of wordcount. I just try to streamline everything as much as possible. Sounds like you're making great progress anyhow. Keep it up!

  5. Great work on the word count! All the best!


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