Thursday, 6 October 2011

Way way way ahead now

Well, yesterday's prompt for NaBloWriMo isn't even up yet, so I can't respond to that. So I guess I'll just tell you about my editing 'transfer' progress instead. Sadly, there's not much to tell. I've found my evenings taken up with romantic barbecues by the river, rebuilding my Macbook and sitting on the couch staring dumbly into space. Oh, and discovering that my bass guitar has a battery that goes flat even if you don't have the guitar plugged in, and that the bass won't work without said battery. D'oh.

But in other writerly news... My Chrysalis friends and I have started to think about what we might do next year. There's the possibility of doing the same thing we did this year, but it doesn't look like most of us favour that notion. I had thought of trying to write a new song each week in 2012. Jenn has suggested some kind of novella-per-month deal, and that sounds intriguing to me. I wondered if I could adapt my song-writing task to be one concept album per month (never done a concept album...sounds fun!) or even try to write soundtracks for my novels. Needless to say, we're undecided and it's all up in the air. But the planning is almost as fun as the execution! Stay tuned to find out more, I guess!

In closing, the art above is 'fan art' for the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It's certainly not perfect, like her weirdly proportioned body and the 'filler' background (I suck at backgrounds). But I like the colours!


  1. I've already decided not to do a short story every week next year. It's a wonderful experience, but it just causes me too much stress and takes up some time.

    I do, however, still want to help. I've been thinking about something I may do at the beginning of next year...

  2. I like the whole brainstorming thing. then you have the hard work of implementing. If it could just be brainstorm to *poof* work of art (or finished product) then life would be wonderful wouldn't it?

  3. Love the cover; you do nice work.

    Glad your caught up and working on another project.


  4. I'd say that romantic picnics by the river are not a loss at all!
    I'm with Donna. Good to see that you are working. Best of luck in the project!

    And thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It was much appreciated. (The poem was an ode to my muse, yes.)

    Apologies for the delay in acknowledging your visit. My WIP has me pretty whipped right now. :)

  5. @Brooke - yeah, I think we need to definitely rethink things in 2012...but I'd love to keep Chrysalis going in some form. I'm wondering if we could put up prompts for anyone new who wants to participate. It's an idea anyway. I did suggest to Jenn that we could provide different options, to cater to different writerly desires. :)

    @Danette - that would be very awesome if you could just snap your fingers & have a brilliant product. And yet it wouldn't mean as much without the journey!

    @Donna - thank you! nice to see you again, too. I was just thinking of you last night & earlier today, and thinking "I really must visit her blog!" Obviously you beat me to it!

    @Bryce - I'd agree with you on the picnics. hehe. Thanks for stopping by, and don't worry about the delay - I know about WIPs whipping a person!

  6. A novella a month would be cool. Very challenging, but I bet you could do it.

  7. Jess at Alliteratie Allomorph did a soundtrack, and has been asked to tour both -- check out the book trailer button on the right of the screen.

  8. hahah I love Brooke's comment. I've been reading her short stories and she's so good. But I can see how they'd be stressful. Also I love the picture.

  9. @Deborah - yeah, it's a cool idea. But the funny thing about this year is that a lot of the time we've ended up with novellas anyway (or full-length novels in some cases)...when they were meant to be short stories. :P So not sure it will be too difficult.

    @Will - yeah, I've heard about that but haven't heard all her music - just the one that went with her book trailer. She's very talented!

    @Michael - Brooke really is excellent isn't she? But yeah, she's right about the stress.

  10. A novella's how many words, exactly? That WOULD be interesting. :P

  11. I'm not the one to ask on how many words, Michael - I never know stuff like that. LOL. I've only just got the hang of short stories being 1-10k. lol


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