Saturday, 15 October 2011


It is day something-or-rather of NaBloWriMo (I know I could find out what day it is by deducing the date, but I'm feeling too lazy to lift my hand to the top right-hand corner of my computer screen where the date and time lives! I can tell you it's Saturday, just by glancing at that corner, though. Gosh I'm good).

Now for the meat of the entry:

  • The image above is a manipulation (and, naturally, serious cropping) of an original piece of art done in really dark pencil (yes, that is the technical and Trisha-rifically correct term for the kind of pencil I'm talking about...because I say so!). It doubles as "song art". See, when I first started writing songs, I did a little picture - sometimes more than one - for each song. I've slacked off on that in recent years, mostly due to no longer having easy acesss to Photoshop, but maybe someday I'll get back into it!

  • I finished reading ALEX CROSS'S TRIAL today. It was such an awful story, mostly because it was based on events of history. I have no idea how people can be so horrible, or ever could, even when it was 'the norm'. But at least not everyone in this story was horrible. I really enjoyed the fast-paced writing, short chapters, and Ben Corbett's voice. In short, it was an easily devoured, if shocking in parts, read. It doesn't have the realism of some nasty pieces of work I've read this year, which is probably a blessing - who wants to really truly be there in the awful moment with a story like this?

  • As of this very second, I am up to page 63 in my paper-to-Scrivener editing, and my current word count is 99,441. Yay!! Under 100k again. But I have another 4.5k to cut before I'll be satisfied.

  • I am thrilled to report that I have found my first beta reader! But I will report on that in more depth later! For now, I post this, in the hopes that everyone is having a great weekend even as I speak (or, rather, type).

In conclusion, thanks everyone for the input on the face transplant topic. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who'd prefer to walk around with a fake face (or no face at all) than to sport somebody else's dead one.


  1. I loe reading how other people work with Scrivener. I've just finished my first 5 chapters of paper edits and am transferring them back to Scrivener. My brain feels like mush.

    Congrats for getting under 100k. Good luck cutting another 4.5k. I'm sure you can do it :D

  2. I really like that pencil drawing! There's so much emotion in it.

    I've been on a contemporary reading kick lately. Lots of realism. I think I need to get back to fantasy and paranormal soon.

  3. Well done on the edits and the picture is terrific!

  4. Finding a beta reader is a big deal. I've started some of my best blogging relationships that way. Oh, and because I'm new, I didn't know you write music. Awesome!

  5. The rich reds and yellows in the pencil drawing make the black outline of the girl really stand out. It gives it a lot of passion and energy. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your beta reader, and good luck with your edits!

  6. I've arrived at your blog too late to understand most of this post, but I like both words and stuff, so this is my kind of blog!

  7. @K.T. - good luck with the rest of your edits! To be honest, I probably am not using Scrivener to its fullest capacity - I'm just doing the basics of ordinary word processing. I've found it a bit hard to figure stuff out when I've tried to learn more. But I still love it!!

    @Liz - my reading list has been rather varied. Right now I'm reading a fun YA, "modern Pride & Prejudice" type deal. It's cool!

    @Danette - thanks! :)

    @E.R. - yep, been writing music since 2005... My sound is what I tend to call 'lo-fi'. But I have collaborated with a guy in the U.S. on some more "fancy" sounding stuff (i.e. sounds like it's done in a proper studio).

    @Laura - thank you on all counts!

    @M.J. - thanks for leaving a comment even if my entry is largely incomprehensible. hehehe.

    @Riya - thank you!


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