Monday, 14 April 2014

A to Z ~ Legend

This year my A to Z theme harks back to 2012's theme, in which I listed an A-to-Z of books from my GoodReads "TBR" shelf. This year I want to revisit that list and report on which ones I've read, and what rating I gave them. Where the book hasn't been read, I'll mention other books starting with that letter I have read since 2012. ;)

"L" ... LEGEND
Status: Not Read

"L" books I have read:

Lady Susan/The Watsons/Sanditon - Jane Austen. 4 stars.
Law of Nines, the - Terry Goodkind. 3 stars.
Learning to Fly - Gina Penn. 3 stars.
Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult. 3 stars.

Some other "L" books still on my TBR:

Lady Justice - Jenni Merritt.
Legend of Victor Standish, the - Roland Yeomans.
Lengths (Lengths, #1) - Steph Campbell.
Les Misérables - Victor Hugo.
Life of Pi - Yann Martel.
Looking for Alaska - John Green.


  1. I read Les Mis back in college I think. Otherwise I haven't read any of these! I feel like I could have a never ending TBR list just from your challenge posts LOL.

  2. Les Misérables is on my list and I really hope to read it this year. :)

  3. Glad to see Roland Yeoman's book on Victor there, I liked that one. But have you read any of his Sam McCord stories? They are even better, IMO.

    My daughter was very disappointed in Life of Pi; told me not to read it.

  4. Excellent pick. That one I have read! :)

  5. I've only read one of the books here, and I wasn't crazy about it!

  6. Another great list of books! ♥

  7. Hopefully your next L book with be five stars.

  8. I was getting nervous thinking I was a lame reader, not to have read at least one on the list, but I have read Les Miserables! Excellent story (though go abridged!)

  9. They made us read Les Miserables as freshmen in high school. Hated it.

  10. I've read Jane Austen and Jodi Picoult, but I haven't had the pleasure with the other authors. Will have to give them a try.
    I'm your newest follower, a fellow A to z'er,

  11. I have to try reading Les Misérables one of these days, seeing as it's one of the longest novels ever. I love super-long books.

  12. I enjoyed Life of Pi but couldn't see how they could make it into a movie. I watched anyway and was pleasantly surprised.

  13. I read Les Misérables as a teen and cried buckets!

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  14. I enjoyed Le Miserables when I read it in school. Life Of Pi was excellent. It really stuck with me for years afterward.

  15. Oh, this is a fun theme for A to Z. Les Miserables is on my TBR as well.

    I've been out of the loop for a while, I hope you're doing well!

  16. Sounds like you're getting there in terms of reading. That TBR list never stops growing.

  17. Life of Pi and Looking for Alaska are on my reading list.

  18. I read Life of Pi and Looking for Alaska.

    I might have Legend, but I haven't read it yet.

  19. Looking for Alaska is a good quick read. :)


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