Saturday, 30 April 2011

A-Z blogging challenge "Z" - Zzzzzzzzz......!

I was going to say "Z is for HAAALLLELUUUUJAH!" but then I realised that word doesn't start with Z. So, yeah. Z is for what I will be doing now that the A-Z is at an end: ZZZZZZzzzzzing!

Okay, seriously, there are other Z words (including some names) I can mention. I may as well continue with the late-born tradition of throwing a bunch of words together and hoping for the best (i.e. no one good idea? Chuck many "all right" ideas together and hope for the best!).

Zachariah - the angel in Supernatural that I really can't stand! Guess I have something in common with the boys there. Hehe. In the words of Dean Winchester, "What a dick!"

Zerek - this is a character in one of my only-just-begun, perhaps-never-to-be-continued stories. I didn't come up with the name - I asked a bunch of friends for suggestions for a ruggedly handsome character's name. There were heaps of cool suggestions, but this one stood out. :D

zebras. I mean, come on! They're cute, stripey horses! And here is a photo of one at the Perth Zoo:

Now, some Z bands/artists:

  • Zwan - Billy Corgan's short-lived "supergroup" band - they made some decent music, but in the end what ruined them was...themselves!
  • Zebrahead - I guess they're classed as punk rock, and they tend to have a guy rapping in a lot of the songs, which I'm not a huge fan of. Despite how sometimes the vocals get on my nerves, I really love a LOT of their songs. I only heard them thanks to my brother's inherently punk rock music collection, which he left on my old computer (along with other stuff you don't want to hear about!).
  • Zhané - to be honest, I only know one song of theirs - "Hey Mr. DJ". It was one of the popular songs when I was about 13 or 14. I used to compile my music from Rage video clips, and this was on one of them.

And unbelievably, that is all I have in my music collection. I'm going to have to scour for free downloads of bands starting with Z. :D

Now some Z songs!

  • "Zeitgeist" - the Smashing Pumpkins' album was titled Zeitgeist, but there is also a song by them with this title. It's just Billy and an acoustic guitar, but it's beautiful
  • "Zeplin Song" - Courtney Love, from her solo album. This song is one of those I like most. It is a pretty rough album where she sounds like she's still struggling along in rehab, but it does have good songs
  • "Zero" - how could I really go past mentioning this iconic Smashing Pumpkins track? Honestly, it's not one of my faves, maybe because it was overplayed so damn much. But it's still a bit of a classic!
  • "Ziah" - there is a band called The Red Tree from Melbourne, AU, and I got a promo of some of their songs when I was working at - "Ziah" was one of the songs on there, and it's stunning!
  • "Zion" - not a huge fan of the song, but it always reminds me of The Matrix. I guess 'cause it's on the soundtrack of Reloaded. Duh!
  • "Zombie" - the Cranberries. Another classic song, but one I could never like that much because of Dolores's extremely irritating chorus vocals.

And that's it for my list of notable Z-songs! I could also mention albums, but...I want this to END already!! :P I will be around on Monday, May 2, to reflect on the AMAZING journey that has been the A-Z. Assuming it doesn't entirely slip my brain! But for now, I need a rest!! LOL.

I do however want to conclude with this:

Congrats to everyone who finished, commiserations to those who fell by the wayside (I was nearly there with you quite a few times :P), and THANK YOU to those who have accompanied me through my own A-Z. I already know what I'll do last year, if I participate in this - and it will be a lot less effort than this year was, both for me and for my readers! YAY!!


  1. That is the Z I started my last A-Z Challenge post with. Looking forward to ZZZZzzzz's. It has been exhausting and fun.

  2. z all you can z... it's over and we all made it!
    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  3. I'z tired, but it has been loads of fun getting to know new bloggers from all over the world. Trisha, YOU ROCK. :-)

  4. I've had such fun coming up with things to match each letter (not as easy as I thought) and, best of all, meeting new blog friends! YAY!

  5. Trisha, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  6. I will totally respond to all comments asap. Right now I am braiiiin dead! Esp. as I found out one of my old forums is about to be deleted, so I'm in a mad scramble to back stuff up. Pity I have to do it by HAND... ARGH!

    tek-NOL-oh-geeeee - or lack thereof!

    Elizabeth -OOOO, checking it out now :P

  7. Congrats on achieving the challenge. There's an Award for you on my blog :O)

  8. Oh, add me--Zan Marie--to the list. ; ) I'm celebrating today.
    My Celebration Blogfest is off and rolling. Come by and check it out.

  9. Thanks Madeleine! Zan-Marie, I forgot you on the list!! D'on :)

    I will check out your blogfest. Cheers!!

  10. I am so happy this over! See you when I recover! And after I get the Cranberries' Zombie song out of my head.

  11. Congratulations on finishing the Challenge. :D

    Great "Z" post!

  12. We did it indeed. Hope you get your site recovered!

  13. Congrats of finishing - If I post twice in a week I feel like I've conquered the world. There should be a reward for doing the A - Z Challenge.

  14. So does this mean you don't want to do it all over again with the Z-A May Challenge?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  15. Wow. Congratulations, Trisha. I love how these challenges push us, isn't it amazing what you can do?

    I'm glad you had fun. Take a well deserved rest.

  16. Yay for the completed A-Z challenge! I'm not quite sure what to do with my blog now that it's done.

    And I thought of doing ZZzzz yesterday, but couldn't think of what to say about it, so I picked something else...

  17. 'Hey Dr. DJ' I remember that song. So it isn't that old. XD

    Even though I didn't participate, I am highly glad it's over. Now, I have more time to do something besides reading blogposts. XD Like NEPMo.

  18. @Samantha - sorry about "Zombie" :P

    @Golden Eagle - thanks, you too!! :D

    @Sharon - I've had one heck of a weekend trying to back it up by hand. LOL.

    @Rusty - you mean, a reward other than the satisfaction of having won? hehe

    @Joyce - um, yeah, that's what it mean. :P

    @Deborah - thanks! Yes, I certainly felt pushed...from a few different angles. haha

    @Chris - I know what you mean!

    @Brooke - Well, it's kind of old by now, even if you're not :P Surely it came out before you were born?? hehe

  19. Congratulations on blogging from A to Z! You made it with flying colors.

    Tossing It Out


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