Friday, 1 April 2011

Oh my, it's here! A-Z blogging challenge... letter "A"

It's time indeed to kick off the A-Z (this is my first go!). If you want to join or just find out more, click on the image above! Anyway, onto business!

Guess what letter I'm starting with? Yeah. A. Just to be different. Ha. Thinking about it last night, I decided to go with (A)ngry Moments as my theme, with various characters of mine in mind. Below you will find some excerpts (very brief) from WIPs about angry moments I've forced some of my characters into.

Let's start with Daphne:

Her back is to me so she doesn’t see me. I’m no longer aware of anyone but her and myself. The fury is rising within me as each second passes, with each step I take, and I am increasingly certain that this is my destiny—to end the monster’s life once and for all, right here and now. After all, this creature doesn’t deserve to live, not when other creatures have died so long before their time.

Somebody calls my name, but all I can see is my mother turning to face me, eyes widening, mobile phone flying through the air. My hands and feet lash out at the one who gave me life and then viciously took it away, day by agonising day.

Now Jared:

"I'm all right. In fact, I'm better than all right. I haven't felt this way in…well, I don't remember ever feeling this way."

"What way?" Adelai asked, stepping back to give him more room. And perhaps because she wasn't sure what to make of this new him.

He smiled at her, a grim smile. "What is this, therapy?" When she opened her mouth, he said, "No, it's okay. I'm happy to talk about it. I'm pissed. I'm angry. I'm…infuriated." He tilted his head in thought. "Maybe I've always felt this, but just didn't know it. Maybe it was always in there. Waiting."

Aaand finally, Squeaky:

“Don’t mind McLean,” Rodentia said to the bird. “Seriously—he’s always overreacting. I mean, just two weeks ago I was innocently lying on a beach in the Ballama–”

“That’s it!” Squeaky held up a dramatic paw. “I can’t hear anymore of this cat food. You two can go on having a nice chat, and I’ll go and do my job. Or our jobs, really, Raines,” he added with a pointed look at his partner. “Enjoy!” he snapped, and turned away.

And I'm done. But I'm curious - have your characters had moments like these? :D


  1. Good post. And good idea for "A". It's not even April yet where I'm at, but my post should be ready to go in the wee hours (for us). Good luck on the other 25!


  2. Thanks Dan :) I'll look out for yours when it's posted! :D

  3. Haha, oh Trisha! When I saw the title I began to laugh at your expense. (; Oh, you poor sod.

    I quite liked Jared's one. (I kept pronouncing Adelai "Adelaide" *facepalm*)

    Good luck with this challenge, haha! (:

  4. Yes, easy to do Nina - she's had all sorts of mess-ups with her name, so she's used to it. :D

  5. Hi Trisha .. I can relate to angry moments personally .. but love to read about them too .. good thought for A .. cheers Hilary

  6. Me too Hilary, but mostly I like to vent through my characters. :)

  7. Oh and thanks Francine! :D

  8. Three very different approaches, nicely done, . I went with Angry too (kind of).
    Moody Writing Blog

  9. Another unique approach to this challenge. Enjoyed the 'sneak peak' at your characters.


  10. A is for angry, who would have thought! You did it so well with the different POVs.


  11. Nice! I like the distinct voices your different characters have in anger.

  12. I too love the voice of each character's anger. Nicely done. Great take on the Challenge.

  13. Very intriguing way to blog about "A." The characters are intense. I like the perspectives of all three characters.

  14. Love that you chose "Angry"...very intense way to start the challenge. You have a great blog!!
    I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!

  15. Good choice for "A". Mostly I get even through the main character, altho I sometimes just vent.

  16. Hey Trisha ~~ great thinking ~~ A = anger = a fiery start to the challenge !!

  17. Hi, Trisha. Great choice for the letter 'A' challenge. There are some great lines in there. :) Thanks for stopping by for my celebration. :) I'm a follower and will be stopping by all month for the challenge.

  18. Hi everybody - thanks for stopping by! I will get around to checking out your blogs when I've had some sleep at last. :D

  19. I loved all your snippets (The second was my favorite). Great demonstration of anger!

  20. I have the utmost respect for you for even attempting this A to Z Challenge. Great job with A!

  21. Thanks Kari Marie and Lisa :D I'm getting around to visiting all your blogs now. And then it's time to write B!!!

  22. What a great post! I love reading other peoples writing. And Adelai is such a wonderful "A" name.
    Characters? Heck, I'VE had moments like this...
    I look forward to more! (not more angry moments, more blogging...well, you know what I mean.)

  23. Thanks Mickey :) I love Adelai's name too, I'm a little jealous of it. LOL.

    I've had moments like this too ;) Guess it's part of being human!


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