Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A-Z blogging challenge "K" - Koalas

Today I decided to "talk about" (i.e. show cute pictures of) koalas, because I'm ever so slightly middle-of-the-week zombified and all I could think of was chocolate. And before you freak out and assume I smother koalas in chocolate and eat them for dessert each night, you'll know what I really mean when you get to the end of this post. ;)

How cute is that?!

This guy is cresssssssy!

Aaand this one's acrobatic!

Now, onto the chocolate part. These aren't so much cute as yummy:

And I am done now.


  1. Very cute.

    I still have a grand-fatherly looking stuff koala sitting on my living room shelves - I got him when I was just a wee tyke.

    Does anybody else remember using Koala Painter graphics editor program on Commodore 64 computers? We had that in school when I was going into grade 4.

  2. Koalas are Kute! and i totally understand if you're zombified. I know I am and we're just on day 10!

  3. I forgot to include a picture of the clippy koalas we get a lot of here in Aus :) We have one in our office at work, clipped to the edge of a whiteboard. hehe

  4. Caramello chocolate in general isn't bad either ;)

  5. They are cute, aren't they? And a picture speaks a thousand words! I know how you feel too. I'm thinking of taking the month of May off blogging...

  6. oh my goodness I haven't had a caramello koala in AGES!

  7. I read somewhere koalas suffer from a lot of STDs (fun fact). That's what happens when you're too cute.

  8. @Samantha - yes, I know how you feel. Foolishly I already signed up for a Blogfest in May. :D But at least it won't be nearly as crazy that month as the this one and March have been for me ;)

    @Lynda - I only have them now and then, mostly when I take them overseas for friends/family and end up eating some myself. haha

    @mooderino - wow, I did NOT know that. that's a little bit sad for sure! Guess all the too cute creatures out there should beware :P

  9. My mind did not go immediately to chocolate covered koalas, but thanks for the clarification. I've been having a bit of a chocolate problem myself this week. Good luck getting over the middle of the week!


  10. Oh how lovely, those little ones are really too cute! (don't tell my cats I wrote this ...)

  11. Nice post! Koalas are cute as all hell. The pictures you chose do these creatures a fine justice. And those yummy candies, I've never had 'em. But now I'm on the relentless hunt for 'em!

    Great "K" post!

  12. I'm done too naughty lady. Now I'm craving Caramello Koalas. I'm trying to buy the mini size ones these days. What a hit!


    There's a koala in my travel A-Z post today too! Not the edible kind...Love your pics.

  13. I LOVE koalas. I always have.

  14. Vicki, no worries, glad I could clarify. LOL.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

    L'Aussie - as you said elsewhere recently, the Aussies streak ahead :P I guess time differences will do that! ;)

  15. Wonderful artistry and such heartfelt comments on the music and Nirvana.
    I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  16. Hi Kathy - nice to meet ya. Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your blog :)


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