Thursday, 28 April 2011

A-Z blogging challenge "X" - X-Files...and X-Static...and xylophones

Um, yeah...this is gonna be another of those "Argh, think of anything that starts with X!" blog posts. Because it's X, man!

Hey wait, that reminds me of X-men.

Okay, so here's a list:

  • X-men - well, you know. Wolverine...I love that movie. I love...certain scenes...from that movie. Like the running-across-a-field-naked scene...yeah...
  • xylophones - I do recall playing one of these, back in the days when I was getting piano lessons from my aunty (she's a music teacher, and has always taught piano on the side too).
  • X-Files, the - I own the entire series on DVD, and it's definitely one of my all-time faves. I even liked the last two seasons which scarcely featured our hero and heroin at all.
  • xenophobia - of this, I am not a fan!
  • Xenophon - a Greek historian, soldier and mercenary who wrote in the 4th century B.C. Go Xen!!
  • Also, here is a bunch of animals whose names start with the letter x.

Aaand for the heck of it...some songs beginning with X:

  • "X-Static" - one of my favourite songs by the Foo Fighters, from their debut album.
  • "X-Ray Eyes" - by Guster, a band whose albums I do not own but intend to in future.
  • "Xanadu" - Olivia Newton John; this song always reminds me of my friend Jen. Hehe.
  • "Xtal" - by Aphex Twin. I haven't heard many of this guy's songs yet, but this one is totally awesome! Far less disturbing than "Window Licker" was (mostly the video
I should also mention that there's a band called simply, X, who I discovered back in the days when I was determined to fill my library with at least one artist from every letter of the alphabet (yes, I'm weird that way - it's similar to how I set myself a goal of writing at least one song whose title started with each letter of the alphabet). There is also a guy called Xavier Rudd, who I saw at a music festival once and who is amazing - he was playing several instruments at once, as well as singing! I'm not a huge fan of his style of music, but could truly appreciate his artistry.

And that's it - consider yourself Xd!


  1. Mulder and Scully yay! I loved watching that show on Friday nights.
    I like Guster's Barrel of a Gun.

  2. I haven't heard that song! Will have to check it out :) And I can't remember what night the show was on here - it was sooooo long ago that I watched it on TV! :P

  3. An impressive collection of X's! I played one of those Fisher Price xylophones, does that make me musical? Whatcha think????

  4. Ann - definitely! ;) It counts for sure. Just like those kids' battery-powered guitars count :)

  5. I think you X-ed it out of the park!
    I miss Mulder and Scully. What a fun show that was.

  6. But now that it's on DVD we can relive it over and over ...and over...again. hehe

  7. Too Cool.

    I couldn't come up with an X I'd use for my book review today. Well, I didn't sign up for A-z . .

    Have a good weekend Trisha :)


  8. Great job with X. We are in the home stretch!! You've done a great job with the challenge. :)

  9. Haven't seen the X-men film, maybe I should. I'll also have to look into Xenophon, a mercenary historian, hmmmmm.

  10. X is such a hard day! I haven't made my post yet because I haven't thought of a good subject yet.

  11. @Donna, maybe there's some X-Files book out there. :D Or wait...a book of Xenophon! hehe

    @Ciara - thanks :D It's been fun, yet kind of...harrowing. lol. I'm sure you understand! And yeaaah, home stretch!

    @Bish - I recommend it if you like sexy naked man meat. hehe. I mean it's a very FLEETING glimpse, but still, my friend and I were quite happy with that scene.

    @Clarissa - hmm.... Maybe you could write about X as a target :D i.e. X marks the spot! I'm sure you'll think of something.

  12. I love certain scenes from Wolverine too :)

  13. You rock. My brain imploded on the "X" post. I gave up.

    I loved X-files too! It was always humorous how Scully always had to be convinced about whatever bizzarroland thing was chasing them--as if they had never had a bizarre experience before! Still, loved that show.

  14. Lots of good x words there :O)

  15. LOL! You really did well with "X" words!

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  17. great X's. I'm glad someone mentioned Xanadu :)

  18. @Jess - yeaaah! :)

    @Liz - I know the far I'm having a mental blank on "Y". LOL.

    @Madeleine & LB- cheers. Google helps! hehehe

    @Ebendy - hi, nice to meet ya. :) Will check out your blog.

    @Lynda - my good friend in Texas is a huuuge fan, and when I visited her (when she lived in Atlanta) we watched that movie. hehe


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