Monday, 2 May 2011

The ay to zee challenge (2011) wrap up post!

First off...

Thank you to Elizabeth Mueller for the very cute award above! I was indeed one of those who survived the challenge, even if I still feel the need to sleep and sleep and sleeeep some more! I spent the month of March participating in an insane number of Blogfests and other similar activities. Then came April, and the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Heh, and I thought March had been full-on! Not only did I have to write a blog entry nearly every day (I actually wound up writing one per day, including Sundays. Insane!), but I had to try and keep up with over 1,200 other bloggers doing the same thing!

Needless to say, I clicked that "Mark all as read" button at least once or twice during the month. Still, I'm pretty satisfied with how I managed to keep up with a lot of bloggers, and also to meet a lot of new people! I saw a huge range of topics covered by different people. It's amazing how our minds work differently, isn't it? People took different approaches - some had scheduled posts for the entire month, yes, they had it all planned out. I'm wondering if all the people who did it that way are in the Plotter category of writer. ;) In my case, my Pantsing status came across in this challenge too. I flew by the seat of my pants, even if I did have the odd entry planned out (in a vague Oh yeah, I'll write about that book! Who knows what I'll write, but I'll write something! sort of way), but for the most part I started each morning drumming my fingers until a word popped into my head.

The last few entries were more of a mad scramble to think of any random words that started with the letter in question. That worked out okay, too. Honestly, by the end it was all my poor flailing brian (work injoke) could manage. Hehe. Towards the end I started thinking about next year, and if this runs again and I participate, I will do something a lot easier. Again, I won't have it all planned, but at least I'll know what kind of thing I'll be doing each day. That's the closest I usually get to being a Plotter, folks.

Anyway, to conclude, I had a great time but they don't call it a challenge for nothing!

Thanks to those who shared my journey, and thanks for sharing your great blog posts with me.


  1. yup, I'm pleased it's over, but it was brilliant and lots of fun.

  2. That badge must makes me LOL every time I see it. :D

    Trisha, thanks for visiting ~ I'm happy to meet you!

  3. Trisha, it was kinda like that for me too and I tend to do at least a vague outline when I'm writing. This challenge ain't for the faint of heart, that's for sure. Catch up with you later.

  4. @Lynda - good to know we're in the same boat! :D

    @ali - it's a cute badge eh?? I want to snuggle it. lol

    @J.L. - Okay, well I guess that blows my plotter/pantser theory then :)

  5. Congrats Trisha! Glad you found it a good experience; perhaps I'll join in next year!

  6. Hey Trisha ~~ I had a blast with the A~Z Challenge (except for the problem at the end ...) Anyway , I DID post my last three entries so I officially completed the challenge !!! YAY !!
    Congrats to you for handling soooo many writing challenges in a short space of time ...


  7. @Jes & Michelle - cheers! it was a fun experience, but not particularly relaxing. :P

    Michelle, glad your posts are up & you got your domain back! phew!

  8. Hello, congrats on completing this challenge...
    Will be dropping by to read those post that I missed out...

  9. Great wrap-up, and congratulations on finishing the Challenge! I enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more. :)

  10. You made it and did a great job at it. Interesting thought about how one's approach to the Challenge reflects their writing style. I plotted about half and pantsed the rest, but I'm please with the way the turned out.
    Now you can get back to what you do or go on to the next big adventure. Good luck with whatever it may be.

    Tossing It Out

  11. @Graywolfie - thank you! :D

    @Julie - thanks, I look forward to reading more of your blog too! hehe

    @Lee - thanks again for co-hosting this amazing event! Now...get back to what I do...? Yes, yes I should do that. LOL.

  12. Nice to meet you through the A to Z. I was one who planned out all my posts and yes I would say I tend to be a plotter. I like to be prepared and know where I'm going. However, I did start to feel a little constrained toward the end of the month. Next time I might do it differently.

  13. @Sarah - cheers, good to meet you too :D There are a lot of times in life when I like to be prepared too, but I guess with my creative pursuits that's not the case ;) Even with drawing, I'm not the type to do mock-ups or draw outlines and plan what colours will go where, etc. I guess with all of it I'm just too impatient to get stuck in!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  14. Congrats for completing the challenge and sharing such a great reflection with us :) So lovely to "meet" you too :) ...probably my favorite part of the whole darn thing was getting to meet such AMAZING peeps :)

    Cheers :)

    PS: I'm a plodder/ I managed to make it without signing up and became an honorary member. Next year, officially for sure :)

  15. Hi San - thanks for stopping by! :D For some odd reason my name is showing up as Patricia instead of Trisha...did NOT change that. Oh well... lol

    Re: the A-Z - Maybe next year I'll participate unofficially, just for fun. :P


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