Thursday, 31 March 2011

So, uh...what I read in primary school

I saw over on Bronwyn's blog that she's participating in the Road Trip Wednesday, and today's (well, yesterday's for me :P) theme is Back in the Day, i.e. What books were you obsessed with as a kid? She mentioned Goosebumps, and I left her this comment:

This is going to make me sound (and look) very old, and maybe that's because I AM old...but I still remember the days when "Goosebumps" were the new thing and I was like, "Eh, can't go past Point books!" :D R.L. Stine used to write Point books too, you see. ;) I still own heaps of those books and love them. There were Point thrillers, Point horrors, etc.

And I'm totally serious! I have a large part of one bookcase in my study dedicated to Point books and similar types of books. I see a website for Point books, but none of my old favourites are listed there that I can tell. I'm talking about authors like R. L. Stine, Caroline B. Cooney, Diane Hoh (who went on to do the Nightmare Hall books), Richie Tankersley Cusick, etc. Some of my favourites included Funhouse, The Fever, The Lifeguard, Trick or Treat, and this one about a ski trip whose title I can't remember.

I'm not sure what it was about these books that got me exactly, but I think it must have been the fact that in almost every book there was at least one sexy guy I could develop a crush on, and of course a lot of action to keep me hooked. I haven't read any of these in a while, but the truth is I can still go back and re-read them and enjoy them. Of course, nowadays I'd go, "Wow, that dialogue sucks, I could make it so much more real than that!" and yet I still love the reads.

So yeah, I guess I just felt compelled to write about these books after seeing Bronwyn's mention of the not-quite-so-old-skool series Goosebumps. Hehe.

P.S. I also read The Babysitter's Club, but let's not go there...


  1. I recently bought a book called The Vampire's Promise by Caroline B. Cooney; it's really three books in one.

    I own about twenty The Babysitter's Club books about now, but I'm fourteen so maybe that isn't so unusual.

  2. Those book covers always freaked me out~ I couldn't read them! I read Babysitter's Club books too :)

  3. I read so many Goosebump books when I was a kid! Oh, the memories. I wish I still had some of those.

  4. Brooke - yeah, I read the first two novels in that series, I believe. :D I liked the first one best.

    Jess, they often had some freaky covers - i.e. an abandoned chair on a beach with blood on it. Yeah, gory!! lol

    Heather, I actually haven't read a single Goosebumps book. I guess I would've seen it as a betrayal of my Point loyalty :D

  5. Hmm, I'm so old I don't remember what I read as a kid. I do remember reading CS Lewis and the Little House On The Prairie books; some of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys (can't remember a single story though). As freshman in High school I read Little Women and All Creatures Great and Small. Then one of my Friends gave me The White Dragon and for a long time all I would read was Anne McCaffrey.

    I think we had a lot of Dr Seuss and those little Walt Disney stories.

    Wow Trish, you're making me feel really old . .

    I didn't know about RL Stein (Point books or Goosebumps) until my daughter started reading the Goosebumps series when she was in 6th grade. I read a few; they were interesting.


  6. Donna, I never think anyone else is old, only myself ;)

  7. Ah, the Babysitter's Club! Loved it :)

  8. I read Goosebumps AND the Babysitters Club... I loved Maryann and Logan. ;) (Pretty sure that is what their names were...)

  9. I was obsessed with any book about a horse - Black Stallion and the like. And Pippi Longstocking. And Anne of Green Gables.

  10. *cough cough* sweetvalleyhigh *cough cough cough*

  11. Carrie - yeah, I remember ordering them through my year 7 book club. I got so excited whenever they arrived :D

    Chantele, yeah I remember those names now that you mentioned them :D

    M Pax - I never really got into those books. Even though I, like many a typical young girl, loved horses. I think I actually copied other girls' love of horses for the most part, just to fit in. Hehe. But I do love horses of course, they're beautiful creatures!

    Misha - hehe, I never read those. I would have been into them though, I'm sure.

  12. Funhouse! I've got a copy of that! And oh my yes, the Babysitter's Club... Love your travelling story by the way - so neat that your dad got his wallet back.

  13. Thanks Deniz :D I had some very interesting times with Dad for sure!


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