Monday, 30 May 2011

BuNoWriMo in June

So I've been trying to decide which project to work on for June's BuNoWriMo challenge, and right now I think I've narrowed it down to...6 possibilities? Hehe. No, seriously, I think I did decide last night that I'll be working on a project I tentatively titled THE NEW WORLD back in the day. I've had three chapters sitting there for years, though the third one needs to be rewritten. Maybe they all need to be rewritten. It'd be really cool to have it as a complete novel though. It's a concept I still really love, even after all these years of it lying dormant.

There are other projects I have in mind, and they are in two categories at present:

  1. Novels I plan to write during NaNoWriMo 2011 - there are two of these
  2. Novels I could potentially write by expanding on Chrysalis stories

It was tempting, for a moment there, to use one of the NaNo novels for BuNoWriMo, but I made myself move on from that idea. I want to still be inspired at NaNo time, after all! As for the Chrysalis stories, I'm thinking that I may do some work on plotting those out during whatever my fellow Chrysalis folks and I do in July - our novel-plotting month. We haven't finalised those plans yet, but details will be posted here and elsewhere when we do.

So yeah, I may have fallen off the Revision Train, but I see another train coming into the station and it's the "write like mad without a care for what comes next" train. Hehe. It's one I haven't been on since NaNo last year, and I miss it!

Ooh, I just realised I need to add BuNoWriMo to my Goals page.

Anyway...hope everyone out there is going well with their goals and/or challenges! May the inspiration (and motivation) be with you!


  1. Nano is doing a Camp NaNo this summer. Not sure when yet, but they are fundraising for it now. I think I read August time frame.

  2. Ooo, sounds like you have a bit of a luxury problem ;) Anyway, looking forward to hearing more from you throughout the month, regardless of which project you end up with!

  3. It's not always great to have too many ideas; as you know, I had the same dilemma deciding which of my novels to write during my break from work later in the year. Added to this is the temptation of doing another NaNo come Novembers. Decision, decisions.

    I'll give you the advice many others gave me over the last two weeks - write the one you're passionate about, whether it is intended for NaNo or not. Come November you'll probably have more to choose from anyway!

  4. Good luck with your writing. I'm getting close tot he end of a book and will send off copies for feed back. Its exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming freight train.

  5. @Alicia - yeah, I'm not sure I've wrapped my head around Camp NaNo but it does sound fun :)

    @Cruella - indeed, I've got some difficult choices to make. hehe.

    @Ellie - yep, there are two sides to that coin - still, I'd rather have lots of ideas than none! lol

    @Stephen - haha, congrats on getting near the end! Do you tend to revise before sending works out, or just get the first draft done? I think I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to revise and revise before even finding beta readers.

  6. Good luck - I'll be cheering you on through the BuNoWriMo when I'm not up to my eyeballs in my own :)

  7. May the inspiration be with you, too! Good luck with THE NEW WORLD!

  8. I vote for bringing the dormant project to life, it seems like you're really ready to get into that one ... Enjoy!

  9. Thanks guys! :) Eek, BuNo has begun!!! Exciting times!

  10. Thanks for the good inspiration wishes, as long as you keep some for yourself. You're going to need it. :)

  11. Yes, I am...but so far so good. Hehe. Hope June goes well for you :)


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