Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What's the Score? Blogfest

ARGH!!! BuNoWriMo has begun, only I haven't! But I've got to get this Blogfest (click on the picture above for details) done before I can get stuck in. But I...think I changed my mind about what to write. At pretty much the last moment. D'oh. LOL. Maybe I'll go nuts and try to write both! ANYWAY, Blogfest time!! Here are the rules for the What's the Score? Blogfest, in the words of host RosieC:

"On June 1st, post any number of songs, artists, composers, posers, who/whatever that you might want to include in the soundtrack to your WIP. YOU'RE IN CHARGE! You make the soundtrack the way you want it. Don't have a WIP? Is your WIP's soundtrack personal and not something you want to share? No problem! Take your favorite book, or the book your reading right now, or a book you remember well, and make a soundtrack for it." - RosieC

So for this blogfest I'm going to mention a few different groups of songs. Firstly, some songs that were mentioned in early drafts of SUNDOWN, before I decided to replace all real bands with fictional bands and their fictional songs (to avoid any copyright issues that may arise in future, basically):

  • "Haunted" - Stabbing Westward
  • "She Sells Sanctuary" - the Cult
  • "Friendly Fire" - Jawbreaker
  • "Touched" - VAST
  • "Get Inside" - Stone Sour
  • "Creep" - Radiohead
  • "Let Down" - Radiohead

Then there were bands that were mentioned, but no specific songs (and yet in hindsight I've attached songs to these suggestions as I imagine them in my head :P):

  • "Born Slippy" - Underworld
  • "Everlasting" - Moby
  • "Darkangel (Gabriel)" - VNV Nation
  • "Love You To Death" - Type O Negative

And finally, there are some songs that really suit the storyline and inspire me on a regular basis, across many different genres.

  • "Flames" - VAST
  • "Falling Again" - Lacuna Coil
  • "Wish You Were Here" - Incubus
  • "Spit It Out" - VETO
  • "Waiting" - the Smashing Pumpkins
  • "Droning" - Love in Reverse
  • "6 Underground" - Sneaker Pimps
  • "If You Really Want So Little From Me" - Love Outside Andromeda
  • "Down In Your Valley (Dead Letter Disco Remix)" - Dead Letter Chorus
  • "Your Voice" - Effigy
  • "Casino" - the Honeyriders
  • "Sunkissed" - the Smashing Pumpkins
  • "Sleeping Where I Want" - Veruca Salt
  • "According to Plan" - I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
  • "A Current Obsession" - Lacuna Coil
  • "Desire" - Life of Agony
  • "The Darkest Night of All" - Lisa Germano
  • "Sleepwalking Past Hope" - HIM
  • "Spring On" - Purplene
  • "Rainy Season" - Seam
  • "Waves" - Holly Miranda
  • "In the Arms of Sleep" - the Smashing Pumpkins

And really, I COULD probably go on for days... but I think I'll cut this short here. Hehehe.


  1. Great song selections! I love Lacuna Coil and Smashing Pumpkins! :)

  2. Wow! There are a lot of songs here I don't know, or at least don't recognize by name. I'm going to check them out on grooveshark.

  3. MMM, love me some Smashing Pumpkins!

  4. Wow you sound like me! I love the variety in your list.

  5. I love your lists of songs! Nice taste :D

  6. It was so annoying last night, my comments weren't working so I couldn't leave anyone comments - it was just the comment box never showed up! ARGH I say, ARGH!

    Anyway...thanks everyone for stopping by :D Gonna check out the other entries now.

  7. What a great list! And so many :) Fantastic.

    Btw, I think the copyright kicks in with song lyrics. I think you can name songs without paying for the copyright stuff. Lisa Schroeder in I Heart You You Haunt Me names all kinds of songs, which inspired me to look into it--though superficially. Anyway, just fyi.

    Thanks for playing along :)

  8. Sweet to see The Cult there. Did you know that Ian Ashbury is on the Slash solo album? Great song!

  9. Thanks for the tip RosieC - I wasn't really sure but just wanted to be safe rather than sorry. :D But I may change my mind again & revert back to real bands/songs. Not always, but sometimes at least.

    @Will - yeah, gotta love the Cult! I saw them live recently, VERY awesome show. :)

  10. I recently heard 'Creep' on the voice. I liked it, at least the version they sang. I'm glad the guy won during that round.

    @RosieC You read Lisa Schroeder? I have all three of her books.


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