Saturday, 14 May 2011

Inanimation Blogfest

Today is the Inanimation Blogfest, hosted by The Red Angel in celebration of her 100 followers (now 118 :D). The guidelines are as follows:

The idea is to write an entry of NO MORE THAN 1000 words that somehow incorporates the personification of inanimate objects. It can be a poem, a short short, a letter (perhaps to your favorite childhood toy?), a fairytale, a scene from a dream, or even a song--anything you want! It can be something you've written in the past or it could be totally brand's all up to you! - The Red Angel

I decided to post an excerpt from a Chrysalis story I wrote wayyyy back when. I have posted another excerpt from this in the past, which can be found here. There was another Chrysalis story I could've posted which was actually about inanimate objects, but it was too difficult to choose an excerpt, as it was one 1000+ word piece that flowed quickly from start to finish.

So here's my entry for the Blogfest:

By far, the house's worst feature is the painting.

It hangs on the living room wall, opposite the room's gaping entrance. A grotesque face stares out of it. Twisted and leering, it is a face out of nightmare. It has yellow-white teeth, haphazardly placed between mottled, cracked lips. Those teeth dominate the scene.

Then there are the eyes. Cold, flat eyes that used to follow me all around the living room. They usually followed me out of that room, too. Floated in the air behind me as I headed for the kitchen. In childhood, they'd tracked me as I left by the front door for school each morning. Followed me as I crossed the lawn and stepped onto the footpath. I'd always had to round the nearest corner before the 'watched' feeling finally left me.

I've long believed in ghosts. Returning to that house each day after school, my belief gradually cemented itself. I shouldn't give the house all the credit, I guess. I could blame my little sister. Or my parents with their haunted eyes. But really, I hold the painting responsible.

Today is a bad day. Today is a worse day than I've had in a long time. Because I've got to go back into that house. And I know that painting's still there, waiting on the wall.

I've got to pack up the house.

But what to do with that blasted painting?

Maybe I'll burn it.


  1. Hi,

    Oh hell, go back! Ha, she could give the painting to her worst enemy. ;)


  2. Hey Trisha! Wow this was so intense...and kind of creepy haha. I think that using present tense really adds depth to the entire excerpt and makes it somehow more realistic than it really is. Also--you have a real talent in creating visual imagery!

    Really enjoyed this, dear. :) Thanks for participating in my blogfest! I've had SO much fun hosting it.


  3. Burning it sounds like a good idea :) Except it might scream, and that would really freak you out.

    I loved the creepy aspect to this. I've seen paintings that gave me exactly this feeling. You really gave the painting a personality. Good work.


  4. Thanks guys :) Yeah, I scared my CP with this story which she read before bedtime - she told me off for not giving her a "this will creep you out" warning :P

  5. I love this piece! Great description of the painting--and I agree, burning it doesn't sound like such a bad idea . . . LOL.

  6. Very creepy - I love it.

    My favorite part? The eyes that follow her OUT OF THE HOUSE!


    Nicely done!

  7. oh wow...O_O that painting sounds horrible! XD This is a really awesome entry! Great job! :D

    *~` `~*

  8. The prompt for this week was "the truth behind the smile", and I envisioned the creepiest smile i could think of :P

  9. I would have had the perfect piece for this, but alas.

  10. Aww sucky you missed out!


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