Thursday, 12 May 2011

Uh oh - more blogfests

It's happening again! My list of Blogfests is filling up. Thankfully not very quickly. There are only three on there right now.

But I'm still twitching from March's ridiculous number of Blogfests, plus the A-Z in April. That's why I want to say...

Geez, you people write a lot!!

I guess that goes without saying in a community of blogging writers, doesn't it? Still, yesterday I had about 70 unread blog entries in Google Reader (okay, that's more than enough to be going on with). Today? I've got 174. Maaaaaan!

In other news, I finally figured out how to sort my subscriptions in Reader. I didn't do anything fancy - they're all sorted in alphabetical order, i.e. all blogs starting with "A" are in the A Blogs folder, etc. But it looks so much tidier this way. I feel more like I can breathe, even when I see that I have 174 unread entries...

Last night I went to see Kyuss at Club Capitol in Perth. Firstly I'd like to say to anyone who claims mosh pits are a thing of the past: you're wrong!! Secondly, I'd like to say I didn't need to wash my hair last night, at least not before going to that show. Afterwards, I had no choice unless I wanted to sleep with alcohol-soaked hair. And no, it wasn't my alcohol. I'm pretty sure it is just that particular venue that attracts these sorts of people. I've seen two rather different bands there lately and have been roughed up in the mosh both times! I'm too old for this, people!! Hehe. Whereas at other venues I've gone to, there's no crowd surfing, no surge of the crowd so that you think you might lose your footing, none of that old school stuff.

Anyway...the show was great, and they played all my favourites!

With revisions, I'm on chapter 5 (I think) of NAUSICAA. It's kind of slow going, as perhaps I'm still twitching with the urge to keep revising SUNDOWN. But oh well...I'm enjoying the story. I have however found myself wanting to push it out to beta readers so that I can find out if they think it sucks or not. Hehe. My main question right now would be: are you bored yet?

I'll resist the temptation though, and keep plugging away with this first (yes, first) revision.


  1. I did think mosh pits were a thing of the past. I stand corrected! Good luck with your revisions, I know when I'm ready when I read it and find nothing wrong with it. Then it's off to the betas so they can see what I can no longer see.

  2. I shouldn't tell you what my reader says (364). I literally can't keep up. I'm working on a new system...but who knows whether it will work.

    Good luck with revisions!

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a fun time! I didn't know mosh pits were around still either :)

  4. S.B., I thought they were too until recently ;) Jess, it was fun but I really hate how so many shows here in Perth are on weeknights!! Kari Marie - yeah, that's a lot. :P But maybe this will make you feel better - the fist time I realised I could make use of Google Reader, I had WELL over 1000 entries unread. ;)

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

    Oh, revisions, revisions. So necessary. So painful. So...necessary.

  6. Yea, I'm doing the Tension Blogfest with you!

    Good luck revising your other WIP. At least you are making progress on something while you let the other rest. I'm interested to see how taking a step back works for you.

  7. I got blogfested out with the A to Z Challenge. I may host the Labor Day BBQ again this fall, but that's it for me!

  8. @Lydia - no worries :) and yes...painful, but necessary. hehe

    @Sari - cool! I'm looking forward to it :) and yeah, I figured as long as I was working on something, didn't really matter what it was. ;)

    @KarenG - I know how you feel! but sometimes I just can't resist clicking on those linkies.

  9. Kudos to you for trying your best to keep up with google reader. I had to admit defeat, and get organized so I could get to my most favorite circle of blogs (at least).
    I'm looking forward to the "Laughter is the best Medicine Blogfest". It sounds like great fun.

  10. I haven't written a blog entry at all this week. May's just been too busy for such things. XD I'm behind on blog posts as well (as you can probably tell), but, blogger being down for a while sort of helped. Though it irritated me when I was trying to read a few entries before I left on my six hour drive.

  11. Yeah, it was all right as long as you didn't want to read any blogs/comment ;) I watched my Google Reader count go up and up and up while I couldn't read any :P


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