Tuesday, 18 June 2013

SMALL TOWN, house move & a kitty video

is 61% complete

30644 / 50000 words written

Hi folks! This is where I'm at with my BuNo novel. Pretty happy with my slow and steady progress, though I'd like to have actually hit 50k by now so I could fixate on other stuff (see the two paragraphs below). I'm pretty happy with how the story's going, even though I did find a stash of early notes I had written many months ago and realised I haven't done some stuff I'd planned on in them. So I have started incorporating some of those plot points, but other stuff might have to wait until revision time.

In cat news, the little guy is doing well and tomorrow afternoon I can take him to get his sutures out. At last!! No more bucket hat for the kitty! Still, he needs to be confined for another 2+ weeks, so the saga is not anywhere near an end. But he's getting better at not sprinting through doors he's not allowed to go through when I open them. Guess he's adapting, a little bit. Even if he still hates being as confined as he as (and so does his mummy!).

Here's a little kitty video from when he was a baby, just for fun:

And in house moving news, I did an inspection on Sunday and basically all I had to note down was nitpicky type stuff. Pretty soon I will be able to start moving some stuff over to the new place - hopefully sometime this week! I will be a very happy person when that time comes.

Hope you are all doing well!

What are you working on?
Are you moving house, or have you recently?
Do you have needy pets?


  1. Hi Trish. I moved house early April, just across the Brisbane River to West End. Such a homey 1880's terrace. Love it. Entertained there last night for the first time. Lovely, even if a bit snug.
    Congrats on your progress in BuNo. I'm counting down til NaNo.
    My blog feed still isn't fixed. I'm thinking of creating a new blog and starting from scratch. Fun never stops, but hey, it's not the end of the world.

  2. Love the video - what a cutie!

    Good luck with the impending move.

  3. Congrats on your BuNo progress!

    Haha, love the kitty video!

  4. Moving is traumatic. I've moved twice and-------- no more!! Fingers crossed...
    Writer In Transit

  5. Yay for your BuNo progress! Moving is always stressful. I hope it goes smoothly!

  6. I despise moving but there is something nice about a new place and making it your own. Glad your kitty is doing well :)

  7. I'm writing an MG novel for JuNoWriMo titled Monster City. Congrats on your progress with Small Town and glad kitty's getting better.

  8. Yay for moving this week! Phew. That'll be nice when you're done! And AWESOME with BuNo... that really is a challenge!

  9. We moved from Massachusetts to California last year, were in temp housing for about 3-4 months, so . . .


  10. Glad things are going well!

    That video is so cute. Of course, I've never seen a kitty video that wasn't.

  11. Dude, I didn't even know about BuNo - congrats on over 30K words!!!!! That's a major achievement. Also, your kitteh's adorbz. (And I don't even like teh kittehs.) :-) And good luck with your move! Girl, you got a lot goin' on! :-D
    Some Dark Romantic

  12. Oh, MOVING! Exciting and exhausting all at once. Congrats on the new place and on the kitty and on the writing! You have been so busy since I last stopped by.

  13. I hate moving, but I love moving into a new house :) Ah, poor kitty, I'm glad he's doing better.


  14. BuNo? I must have missed this one...

    We are in the process of looking for a new home, too! We want to find a place even further into the desert, more remote, if you can believe that! Yes, we are crazy people.

    Congrats on your new home!

  15. Good luck moving, it can be a pain but exciting too. And way to go on your BuNo challenge! Wish I could get that much done. And your kitty video is so cute. <3 ^_^

  16. Have fun with the moving. I've only ever moved one in my life, lol. 30k is brilliant!

  17. 30,000 words. That's impressive. Bravo! Also, awww! Kitty! :)

  18. I recently moved my mom into assisted living. Exhausting enough to give me second thoughts about hubby and I moving anytime soon. Yes, I have a needy cat, but it's all done on her schedule. She'll wake up from a nap and come running down the hall, meowing for lap time, as though she just woke up from a nightmare. Silly creature.

    Congratulations on the word count. I wish I could report something that impressive.

  19. I am happy to hear your kitty will be fine, I also have 4 cats and I adore them. Reaching 50k words is an amazing goal....I barely reached 20k.

  20. Somehow I missed all of the news. I'm going to have to go check archives on what happened to kitty. Congrats on the house and the book progress. Way to go!!

  21. I am so embarrassed! I thought you took a blogging break, here my link to your site is to the old URL isn't updating. Must change that right now!!


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