Friday, 11 March 2011

The Bucket List Blogfest

Before I get to the main purpose of this entry (the blogfest), I want to mention that I have earned these icons from the Chrysalis Experiment so far:

And of course there are the others I could claim, which can be found HERE, but those are mostly for folks who've written one or a few stories with us so far. :D

Aren't they pretty?!!?

But anyway, moving on...

It's time for the Bucket List Blogfest (click on the image for more details, or to join in)! The purpose of this blogfest is to think about the things we want to achieve before we, you know...kick some kind of bucket thingy. So here are some things I'd like to achieve (and I am totally dreaming big here) before I "go where the good dogies go", as my mum likes to say - and yes, she says it like that, dogies, instead of doggies.

  1. I would love to go into outer space, without having to pay billions of dollars for the privilege. Or alternately, I would love to win billions of dollars just so I could pay to do this!
  2. I would love to have at least one book published, and not by myself, i.e. I'd like some publisher to opt to publish it for me.
  3. I would love to meet my favourite muso of all time, Mr. William Patrick Corgan Jnr, and tell him just how much his beautiful music means to me, and that he is my hero, and that I want to have his babies. Oh, did I say that last part out loud?
  4. I would really really love to visit Antarctica, or the Arctic. Or both.
  5. I'd love for housing prices to kick the bucket over here in Australia, so I could actually afford to buy something. Hell, I have a pretty decent job and I can't even afford to buy a place in the absolute dodgiest areas of town. That's just uncool.
  6. I would so bloody love it if Supernatural season 5 would finally drop in price so I could buy the damn thing!!! I have yet to watch any of this season. Gahhhh!
  7. I would love to be happy at least most of my life.

And that about sums it up I think. :)


  1. I would love to go to outerspace. Whatever happened to that colony on the moon that science fiction always promised us?

  2. The icons are beautiful, and I love your bucket list! Diddo on the housing prices--they're going down here, but we still can't afford what we'd like to get (I've always wanted to have an extra room-- a guest room--but with three kids, that's just not gonna happen).

  3. hi trisha! new follower here. first of all, i think its SO cool you live down in west aussie. do you live in perth, by any chance? the beaches there are BEAUTIFUL! not that ive ever been there, but ive seen lots of amazing pictures of them. and the short-story buttons are definitely very pretty!
    going to the outer space would be BRILLIANT, as would visiting antarctica! but your number seven's amazing...happiness beats everything :)


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  5. Jess - the fact that I can't even afford a 1 bedroom apartment in my city, and that in other more 'fashionable' cities in the country housing prices are lower, really speaks for itself. ;) Things are RIDICULOUS here in Western Australia.
    Still, I hold out hope that someday I'll have a dream home to call my own!

    Teralyn - I know!! I think they need to catch the hell up so we can go on a trip to the moon :D

    Aleeza - yes, I am in Perth! I do love the place, but some things about it are irritating me right now. like the LUDICROUS cost of living, not just housing prices. ;) still, it's a lovely place to live. I always love returning here after I've been travelling in some fabulous other place. :P

  6. Great list! #2 made me laugh :) And either option in #1 is great - all about flexibility, right?

  7. Love your list ... and the icons are gorgeous. But I bet even prettier is the feeling of accomplishment they represent.

  8. Yay for happiness. That's the best thing of all.

  9. Ooh, I have seen those badges on the Chrysalis website! They are gorgeous! I share your sentiment about house's sky high here in the London suburbs. My home at the moment is part-rented, and part-under-mortgage, on in under words, not_really_mine.

  10. Number 7 is the best. ;) But yes, I would love to visit Antarctica too. I have a desire to see all 7 continents ... eventually ...

  11. Oh, I'm with you. I'd like housing prices to sink here too! Great list, thanks for sharing. =)

  12. I love the buttons!

    I really think the bucket list is a good idea. Going into outer space would not be on my list however.

  13. Thanks guys, I had fun writing this :D

    In my immediate family, we figured out that my dad and I would leap at the chance to go into space, while my mum and bro would rather stay firmly on earth. hehe

  14. You know, I just learned (from another Bucket List blogfester, actually) that tourist-type outer space travel is possible. This is beyond me, but I wish you all the money in the world to cruise the stars then buy your dream house! After all that and publishing a book, you'd come awful close to 'HAPPY.' :)

    Marie at the Cheetah

  15. Marie, you're right, I WOULD be pretty happy with that lot in life. hehe

  16. Having the opposite housing problem here in CT- we overpaid at the peak of the market in 2005 and will basically never make our money back if we try to sell any time soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

  17. Gina, sorry to hear that - I feel for you and others like you as well.

    This recession thing sucks! But then, so does this minerals boom we're having in WA. It's good the state is doing so well, but it's not translating into most of the population doing too well!! Stupid cost of living rises and the like are making it impossible to benefit.

  18. Outerspace! Well, that would definitely be an adventure!

    I think #7 is a great endeavor. :) Best of luck with all your bucket list wishes!

  19. Abby, yeah it would be. I guess for now I will have to watch shows like Firefly and live vicariously through those characters :D

  20. I freakin' LOVE #7 & believe it is possible...most of the time!


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