Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Goals update, and A-Z Blogging Challenge

I want to revisit the Goals I set for this year, as seen on my Goals 2011 page. There are different categories but I'm focusing on the ones I will achieve this year.

  1. Finish current edit of SUNDOWN and order proof copy - this was achieved early on in the year
  2. Finish latest edit of SUNDOWN (then look for a beta-reader!) - ongoing, as I recently went on about at length. And I should change that to beta-reader(s)
  3. Win NaNoEdMo 2011 - my original aim was to edit FIRE, then that goal changed to editing DAPHNE, and then I thought, Oh whatever, just edit! So for the entire month to date I have been editing SUNDOWN, and I finally achieved 50 hours of editing a day ago. So that's another goal struck off the list
  4. Write 52 short stories, one per week, for the Chrysalis Experiment - weeks 1-12 are done, now I'm waiting on week 13 to begin!
  5. Write at least once a week in the blog - ha. I've been over-achieving here, what with all those blogfests!
  6. Win NaNoWriMo 2011 - obviously I can't do this yet ;)
  7. Finish off first draft of STORM - I did some of this early in the year but haven't revisited it since becoming obsessed by SUNDOWN revisions
  8. Complete a preliminary read-through/edit of NAUSICAA - I've done work on chapter 1, but nothing since early March
  9. Read more than 21 books (goal is 25) in 2011 - currently I have read 10, and am on my 11th
  10. Participate in A'vron's Book Club : Classics, reading 1 classic novel per month for 2011 - so far we've done 2 months, and I've participated in both.

In other words, I'm well on track with my goals!

In other news, I reformatted all my labels. What does this say about me? It says I'm a total weirdo! But I think those who have been reading for a while already got this sense. Hehe. Anyway, it's easier to figure out which labels are for my novels, because they're the ones in caps. The exception being ABNA, which of course is not my novel. I also combined the formerly separate labels for movies and TV into one label (TV and Movies), and discovered you can't put an ampersand in your labels. D'oh! I also got rid of the highly redundant "writing" tag. Um, yeah, most of it's about writing so... ;)

The A-Z is coming up, and I haven't planned a thing. But why would I, a natural pantser, plan out such things? I haven't planned out the majority of my blogfests either. I guess I prefer to go where the mood takes me on any given day! Should make for a fun month!


  1. Good job on your goals! You are doing awesome :) I can't wait for NaNoWriMo this year... if only I could decide on which story I will bust out!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Wow! That's quite a list of goals. You have plenty to keep you busy, and best of luck in achieving them!

  3. You are not alone in reformatting labels. ^^ I often go through and switch mine around. No one probably notices but me, but hey, it makes me feel better. XD

  4. Thank Jenni and Mary :D I certainly feel busy, but I love it! :)

    Brooke, YAY I'm glad I'm not the only one. hehehe. it was a bit of a pain having to re-do a label that was on 35 different entries though ;)

  5. Sounds like you've achieved a lot since the start of the year. Lists work for me and keep me focused. I just have trouble sitting down to write them. Trying to plan for the A-Z challenge. It's mostly in my head though.

  6. Wow! You got some big aspirations with a lot done already. Good for you! Pantsing it through A to Z can certainly be fun. That's the way I did it last year. This year I'm trying to prewrite though I've still got a ways to go. I want to have plenty of time to visit and comment.
    Hope you have a great time with the Challenge.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  7. J.L., I like lists too, but sometimes i think I need to make a list of all my lists. hehe

    Arlee - thanks! ;) With the A-Z I hope not to ramble on too long, because it's going to be pretty full on checking out people's posts as is. Going to have to devise some kind of system where I get around to at least one of everybody's posts during April :D

  8. Wow! I am so impressed with your progress! I usually make goals but don't revisit them nearly enough. You have inspired me :)

  9. Cheers Carrie - I'm glad I could inspire you! :D I love seeing people's lists of goals and the progress they make ticking things off :)

  10. wowzee! you are doing great!!! keep it up girl! :)

  11. Wow you have so many projects on the go. I'm so impressed! And I love all your titles.

  12. I haven't planned out A-Z either, but I don't think it's meant to stress us out, so I'm winging that best I can and planning on short posts.
    Sounds you got your ducks all in a row!! :)

  13. aspiring_x and Sari, thanks :D And yes, apparently I like to keep busy. hehe. in SOME ways at least :P

    PK, yay a fellow NON-planner! :D Look forward to seeing how we both do. hehe

  14. Wow is right! You're flying through the goals. I'm stuck on mine, but that's okay. I needed a retrench and rewiring of my motives for the wip I'm focusing on. So cheers to you and all of us who try to create worlds. ; )

  15. Wow--those are some amazing goals and you really are doing well at them. Congrats to you and keep it up!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  16. Zan Marie, sometimes that's just what we need - to have a reset and maybe a little break ;)

    Angela - cheers! I find that wine helps. and ice cream. :D


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