Thursday, 10 March 2011

Blogfests (I've added some to my list...eek)

I just wanted to do another reminder about blogfests still to come in March. I have personally signed up for the following:

In short, if you thought I was insane with the blogfest fest before, look at me now!

I also want to mention that I won even more prizes lately, so I am now going to give contest-entering a rest so the rest of you have a chance at winning. Hehe. Well okay, I am in on that Show Me The Voice thingy, but other than's all yours!! But thank you to Lynn Viehl and Kristina Fugate for these awesome prizes! :D

Finally, I want to mention two things that most other people on the planet probably already knew about:

GoodReads' "giveaways" page
Book Depository

In short, I've entered a few contests at GR, and ordered a few books from BD (and used my Amazon gift card already at Amazon!! Woo!) today.

P.S. My word count for SUNDOWN is nearly under 107,000. I will be happier when it's nearly at 95,000, but for now I'm pretty happy with how I'm going. Especially as a lot of my revision lately has been simply rewriting, not cutting out huge chunks of text.

P.P.S. (I loved doing these things when I was a kid :D I promise it won't get up to x15 Ps though) The TENTH prompt for the Chrysalis Experiment is up. And an awesome friend of mine made us extremely pretty graphics, so if you even write one story for the Experiment, you get to take something home.

The End (of this blog entry at least)


  1. Hi Trisha, I'm considering changing the date of the birthday love blogfest, but only if all the participants are ok with it. Let me know here.

  2. Thanks for the blogfests heads-up, and congrats on your winning streak! Just wanted to let you know your Race to 200 story is a FINALIST and is now up for voting! Check it out on my site! :)

  3. Sari, I will update the info when you know for sure what the dates will be :D

    J.C., thank you!! That's so cool!

  4. Yay! Thanks for spreading the word. When my life calms down enough to participate again *IT WILL HAPPEN* I know I can find some great ones by visiting you. :)

  5. hello everyone out there,

    I am new to blogging and am organizing a contest to popularize my blog.

    Please do look into the contest here:

    and participate in the same.

    with warm regards

  6. Trisha, you are so great participating in all these Blogfests! Amazing and inspiring.

  7. Thanks for all the blogfest links! :)

  8. Hey Trisha, sorry about the confusion I've caused. The blogfest will go ahead this weekend. Hope you have fun, and thanks for being understanding :)

  9. Hey everyone,

    I understand all of you are game for blogfest, I have put up a small flash fiction challenge on blog here

    Please do participate and make the contest a huge one

    with warm regards

  10. Hope to see some of you participating in the blogfests with me :D And on my blogfests page you will see there are a couple taking place in April that I know of so far, too :)


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