Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 8

I shall not fail in the posting every day-ing-ness! That's why I'm here with my eyeballs about to fall out of my head with tiredness! Just for fun, I thought I would share a relatively short extract from my NaNo work so far. It's unpolished, it's a rough draft...it's NaNo. I know I don't need to explain to any of you! But with all the above in mind, here it is:
My mouth has fallen open.
“Careful, don’t wanna catch flies,” Mack tells me as he settles in the seat diagonally opposite me.
“Melinda’s meat.”
He’s still wearing his sunglasses, so I can’t see the look in his eyes. I can imagine it, though. Especially with the sudden furrow I see appear on his brow. It smoothes quickly and I see his eyebrows quirk upward. I get the distinct impression he just rolled his eyes.
“That her name?” he asks idly.
We stare at each other, or at least I stare at him. I can’t tell what he’s staring at. “You do know the sun’s gone down, right?”
“Cheers for the tip.”
That’s all he says before turning to stare out the window on his side. I watch him a moment more, dying to comment on the baseball cap. Then I resume my own survey of the urban countryside.

My word count is 28,276. Tonight I didn't get much done, probably 1500 words? I suck at maths, but basically if you took last night's word count away from this night's, you'd get the difference. And on that note, I need to go and sleep or something terrible may happen (I might fall asleep while typing, for e.g.).

Hope you are all great!! And thanks for all the blog visits!!

P.S. New Chrysalis prompt today...new story must be written. Oh gawd!


  1. Still rocking it. Hang in there!!

  2. I'm hoping to get to 30k tonight since I had wanted to get to it yesterday, but fell short of my 7k goal on Sunday and was gone for most of yesterday.

  3. Ooh, so mysterious! It doesn't read SFDish to me - I'm already intrigued!

  4. You're on a roll! Congrats!

  5. @Judie - thanks!! I'm hanging... lol

    @Brooke - go you!! I know you can do it! Maybe you already have?!!

    @Deniz - this one is YA paranormal - and I agree the excerpt doesn't show that at all. It just shoes my MCs' first verbal interaction, and I kind of like them.

    @Liz - thank you!


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