Saturday, 12 November 2011

And a 40,106 for Day 12

That's the book I'm reading right now. It's one of those I bought from a book sale at the university where I work. I must've got it on sale for $5 or something. For the record, it's a tiny book, as in small format and compact and cute. Which is why it makes me SO MAD that it's officially for sale from its publisher's site at $27.95!!! Books are so ridiculously expensive in this country that it makes me utterly boiling mad.

But let's talk about NaNo. I feel the need to take this NaNo thing one day at a time! When I think about the fact that I'm not even halfway through, that I have an entire new story to start (one that I am going to love, though, so I'm not complaining) I feel a little bewildered. I also haven't done this week's Chrysalis story yet. But to be honest, I'm trying to ignore that!


  1. Man, my Day 11 hasn't even ended yet. I've still got an hour and a half and about 800 words to write to reach my goal. I'm going to write 7k tomorrow and 5k the next day and then I'll be finished with my first novel!

    Then, Monday, I need to write out my plot for GHOST SISTER and write the last two Chrysalis stories plus edit the first chapter of THINKING OF YOU.

  2. Trisha, just saw your comment over at Donna's. If you want to purchase String Bridge from Book Depository, go ahead and I'll send you the soundtrack anyway. The chart rush is over, but I'd love for the book to get into Australian's hands, so feel free to send me a BD receipt to claim the MP3s. Cheers!

  3. Wow, that is expensive for tiny book.

    And you're doing awesome with NaNo. You'll be able to do it. One day at a time. :)

  4. The cover of this book looks so similar to another I'm reading right now called "Practice Cake".

  5. I'm not even halfway through yet, either. So worried that my novel's going to become a novella!

  6. I love little compact books. But, geesh, that price is outrageous. Gotta love that cover, though ;) Congrats on the NaNo progress!


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