Sunday, 13 November 2011

[Day 13] 43,822

I wouldn't say no to eating this right now:

But alas, there is none!

Instead I'll report on my NaNo progress for the day. I was so sure I wasn't going to make it to my goal. I had many moments of staring at the screen feeling utterly devoid of inspiration - for anything, much less writing 3,333k in words. But I got there, and now my word count stands at 43,822.

I have a lot of commenting favours to return, and I will do that I swear. For now, I am exhausted from all the cocktails I drank this weekend, and must succumb to my intense desire to just stare at a wall drooling. Good night world!


  1. I had some of that, but it's been eatin' twice.

    I'm hoping to finish my first novel today so I can use Monday to relax a little bit.

  2. Now posting that picture of that cake is just unfair! Well done on an impressive word count! I've just hit 30k and I'm so pleased with myself (I may even go so far as to say I'm feeling pretty smug)

  3. oh my goodness you have an evil streak in you :P
    I can't be eating stuff like that when I'm working on NaNo and stupidly high word counts. Now I'm craving scrumptious choc cake! RAWR!!!!! Bad Trisha! Bad! ;)

  4. Mmmmmmmm.....caaaaaake....
    Awesome word count. I am wildly behind; I haven't even done Chrysalis yet. Oh, cruel, cold world. :P

  5. I'm kind of 'fudging' Chrysalis by not doing proper stories but excerpts from my NaNo projects. It's wrong, I know. But maybe I'll make up for it later. ;)

    Sorry for posting the cake pic everyone...I think I need to go and eat an Anzac biscuit now.

  6. WOOT!!

    That cake looks AH-mazing, and I'm sort of drooling, too.

  7. lol, my hubby loves anzac biscuits.

  8. Wow, you are rocking it. I started six days late because of edits but I'm at 25,000 now. I'll just keep going. :)

  9. Look at you go! That's amazing progress and I think you should go get a cake like that to celebrate. I will help you eat it! I'm at 35,650, but quickly approaching where life and writing both get harder.


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