Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 14 ends, and my keyboard gives me crap

My laptop's keyboard is being MIGHTILY ANNOYING tonight. It's making most things rather difficult to type. It's doing this thing where it highlights text and deletes it and the arrow keys are on the fritz and it's all just annoying! Suffice it to say that writing my last few thousand words was a big pain in the butt. But I got there and I'm now sitting on 48,626 words.

I'm calling it a day (or rather, a night) and will get the last 1,374 words written tomorrow during lunch hour.
And if I don't get them entirely written then, I will finish them off after work, before heading off to dinner out. After that it will be Day 16, and time to start on novel number two, tentatively titled VICTORIOUS.

I must say, this is the first year in a while that I'm rather eager for NaNo to be over, in fact I'm almost dying for it to be over. I want my afternoons and evenings entirely free from commitment so I can do as I please, as my whimsy takes me, as I most heartily desire. But until November ends, that ain't gonna happen. Pity I keep finding new ways to occupy my time that don't involve writing. Not ideal at a time when you're trying to write 2 novels in 30 days. But oh well, it happens I guess.

Hope everyone else is going well with their goals, NaNo-inspired or otherwise! Thank you for all the blog visits lately. I have been working on reciprocating but if I haven't got to you yet, never fear - I will!


  1. I always find that during NaNo I want to do everything else but write, and then as soon as it's over I have so much spare time I don't know what to do with it!

  2. You are amazing! What a goal and you've already done half--although it's technically a whole novel! Good luck for day 16 and on.

  3. My laptop keyboard does the same thing with the highlighting and deleting but I thought it was me hitting the mouse pad by accident. Kinda glad to know someone else has had the same problem :)

    Good luck with the balance of NaNo!

  4. When December hits, you won't know what to do with all that free time!

  5. You're doing so awesome! I'm sure you'll get through the two books at the rate you're going.

    I finished the first draft of mine, but it was short. Eek! So I'm reading through and adding to get to the 50k, and I'll start really writing novel two on the 16th as well.

    I know what you mean about weird keyboard things. I find that it is the mouse that sometimes gives me trouble besides just the keyboard. Although I'm getting very annoyed when it tries to open something whenever I type "you."

  6. computers have a terrible sense of humor! Amazingly cool word count - mine has all but dried up whilst I'm with the parents, and I have to say, I can't see me finishing - hey ho :) PS where in Wales are you off to?

  7. I finished my first novel yesterday (which was Day 13 for me). Today, I'm editing a first chapter for critique (it's only three pages), writing two short stories for Chrysalis, and writing out the order of my plot for GHOST SISTER.

    I know how you feel about wanting it to be over. I've been feeling like that about Chrysalis for a while. I love all the stories that still forth because of it, it's just sort of draining.

  8. In contrast, I got about 500 words written over the weekend! :) But I can't just plow on the way you do either. I edit as I go (probably too much, truth be told) but it works for me. Keep it up!!! November will be over before you know it!

  9. Yeah, I thought it was my mouse too, but how can it be when my wrists are up high and the only contact I'm having at all with the computer is with my fingertips?

    But yeah, the arrow keys are weirding out as well.

    @Brooke - yeah, me too with Chrysalis. But once I start something like that, I simply must finish. hehe

    @Laura - I'll have to look at the tour map & let you know. But I think we only have two stops in Wales, and the other countries are more extensive (we're doing the whole of the U.K.).

  10. Stupid Keyboards!!

    Congrats on the word count and to the beginning of Novel #2. You are amazing.

  11. Man, Trisha. You're like a WriMo-ing machine or something. And remember, you have the rest of the day to waste doing things to avoid writing after you write. ;)

  12. Wow, I'm stunned and totally jealous. :) I'm hoping to finish the 50,000 in time.

  13. @Judie - thank you! and yes, the keyboard was stupid but it's behaving now. FOR THE TIME BEING!

    @Madeline - you can talk, Miss "I wrote 4 novels a while back" :P

    @Ciara - you can doooo iiiit!!


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