Monday, 29 April 2013

A-Z '13 - Young & You Got Nothing I Want

During April a bunch of bloggers are participating in the A-to-Z blogging challenge of 2013. My theme this year is an A-to-Z list of classic Aussie tunes - either classic or just plain songs I like. Today's letter is the second-last for 2013, "Y", and the songs I've chosen to feature are:

Young - Primary

You Got Nothing I Want - Cold Chisel

Primary have been defunct band since, hmm, maybe 2002. I only have one of their two albums, This Is the Sound, and it's a favourite. This song, "Young", isn't one I'd have chosen if I had any letter of the alphabet to work with, but it gives you a taste of what this band is about. Still, my fave songs from the album are "Tearing Me Up" and "Like Others Do", which sadly I have no links for. Now, moving on. Cold Chisel are possibly one of the most legendary "underground" Aussie bands out there. They got really popular as a pub band and were best known for Jimmy Barnes's rather characteristic voice. You can read more about the band's history here. Once more, this isn't my favourite song by them, but they sure have a long list I could have chosen with the right letter to play with. It's tough trying to fit all the great Aussie bands you know into one single A to Z, I'll say that! Anyway, Cold Chisel are still going strong today, though my mates most recently saw Jimmy Barnes on his own tour (he's had a very successful solo career).

Honourable mentions:


  1. I vote for AC/DC, You Shook Me All Night Long! Great song! Happy A-to-Z 2013! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  2. Young Boys Are My Weakness can't be nearly as creepy as Rape Me by Nirvana. I only heard the beginning of the song and turned it off. *Shivers* One more letter left! Thanks for tunes.

  3. I love Usher's "Yeah!" It makes me want to dance. Awesome job on the A-Z and finding bands and songs!! Love it.


  4. I just loved seeing all the neat ideas for the A-Z challenge. Great idea.

  5. I hadn't heard of Cold Chisel. I'm trying to think of whom they remind me of...

    Well, nice to meet you on the A to Z!

  6. You know a lot about bands and music I have never heard of. I think you should write a book on the subject.

  7. Too bad Primary is defunct. I like their sound. Cold Chisel sounds like American Classic Rock, which I love.

  8. Wow, AC/DC are the only ones I recognize on this list.
    Thanks for sharing these videos.

  9. AC/DC are the only one's i know as well. But i listened to the two you put up and i liked them both even if the second band did break up!

  10. I thought you didn't like The Whitlams? :P

    Good choices! I'm also a fan of Kate Miller-Heidke's cover of You're the Voice.

    Sneaky Sound System AND Primary? In that case I'd throw in (You've Ruined All My) Favourite Songs by Machine Gun Felatio. Connie was with them as Feyonce around the time On Ice was released!


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