Sunday, 20 February 2011

My lying ways (challenge #1 answers)

Okay, so I figure it's time to put everyone out of their misery. Ha.

A lot of people suggested the following claims were untrue:

1. I have an iPod
2. I was going to listen to my iPod at work
3. I clear my driveway of snails
4. I talk to ants before spraying them
5. I use bug spray at all
6. I have a nail-chewing habit
7. My sentences tend to get pretty long (too long).

But all of those things are true. There were a few correct guesses of the real lie, which is:

And I’m not shy at all—no way!

I am in fact shy. I make a very good show of not being shy, and can get along just fine in crowds (even if I hate them a lot of the time; especially at festivals where people keep jostling you. Argh!!). But yeah, I am shy and I think I was born that way!

I do have an iPod, I do listen to it at work, I do clear snails off my driveway (I don't hurt them, in fact the purpose of clearing my drive is so I won't run over them), I talk to ants (and pretty much everything else in the world, including leaves and bits of paper), I do chew my nails (I tend to go through cycles where I leave them alone and they grow, then I will get stressed and get back into that bad habit), sentences are often rather long (for e.g., the one currently drawing to a close).

So there you go! I think we all learned something valuable here, right?

I'm strange in a fair few ways. Hehe.


  1. Ha! I'm awesome :) Obviously this shows you and I are very in-tune, being NaNo friends and all.

  2. Good job! And don't be shy, otherwise the world will never know what they're missing.


  3. I can see shy as a good thing, too ... To me, it means being introspective, thoughtful, considerate. So, kudos to you!

  4. Shy is least I hope so (says a shy person!)

  5. Isn't it amazing how shy people come to life in their writing? It's like a secret side to us or something. Very funny about talking to critters :D

  6. Yep, I think shy is fine as long as it doesn't cripple you - which it doesn't me. Phew! :)

  7. aw, I should have guessed. Then again, maybe not ;)

  8. Great to meet you, fellow crusader! I like that about the snails, I'm glad they don't suffer [g]

  9. Looks like blogging is helping you come out of your shell. Great blog :O)

  10. Hi Deniz and Madeleine, nice to see ya here! :D

    And of course it's nice to see you Lynda. As for my 'shy'ness, it used to be more crippling when I was a kid, not so much nowadays ;) So people probably don't notice it. hehe

  11. Hi there, fellow Crusader. I was already a follower here, but thought I'd say hi. *waves*

  12. Hi fellow crusader!

    I talk to plants and animals, but I yell at spiders! YUCK!! The things that make us quirky also make us interesting, and we build those aspects into our characters we make them interesting too!

  13. Hi Tara and Becky, nice to meet you :D

    Becky I'm glad I'm not the only one who talks to such things ;) I don't mind spiders actually - unless they're Huntsmans the size of your hand!


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