Saturday, 5 February 2011

Back in business!

Yesterday I finally made it home after a looong series of flights that took me in this direction:

Spokane - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Sydney - Melbourne - Perth.

And that was all so I could save $1,100 on flight costs. I guess it was worth it in the end, but it sure felt like a trial as I staggered through various airports of the world (including two in Sydney, international and domestic). Then I had a taxi driver who insisted on driving 10kph below the speed limit! That irritated me just a little.

But anyway, here is a picture of me as a bridesmaid!

Anyway, I've finished this week's Chrysalis story, and while I think it won't go very far, and I may never edit it again, it was fun to write. I wrote about a pair of ghosts who get stuck in purgatory, or what they call "the After".

I did indeed submit to the ABNA competition, and thankfully my query was in relatively good shape (compared to former shapes it's known) so I felt pretty good about submitting that.

In other news, I'm still slowly working on editing SUNDOWN, and am nearing the end of the first draft of STORM. But I'm looking most forward to NaNoEdMo when I can sink my claws into FIRE and get it shredded to bits. Yay!!

Sorry I have been out of touch with everyone! You have not been out of mind, only out of sight, for the last two weeks. :) I will work on getting caught up on everyone's blogs, and more importantly their adventures in writing. Hope everyone has been safe and happy!


  1. Welcome back, what a happy reason for a journey ... Hope the wedding was grand!

  2. Thanks Joanne - the wedding was awesome, and definitely one of a kind! :)

  3. You know you're a writer when you're excited to rip apart your book and realize it's terrible. Hope you had a good time at the wedding! (Sounds and looks like you did!) You caught me off guard when you said 10kph. The US decides to be alone in it's measurements... ;D

  4. Yes, because the U.S. is 'speshal' :D

    I AM excited about ripping my novel to bits, it sure needs to go on a diet ;) Right now it's very bloated.

  5. Hi Trisha - Holy cow - you were bounced all over the air space! Congrats on entering ABNA. I wanted to do that but have been so sick for the last two weeks that I've just not been able to think about it. Maybe tomorrow - if it's still open.

    I love your beautiful bridesmaid picture. You look so happy. And your red coat is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks :) Yeah, everyone was pretty happy once the whole thing got underway - if a little chilled. hehe.

    I felt like an attention-seeker with my red coat, I was the odd one out ;) But it was all I had!!

  7. hehe, I've done those nightmare flights to save money too. I always swear I'll never do them again, but I always do subject myself to those long hours in the air (or waiting at some strange terminal).

    Good luck with your ABNA submission.

  8. Thanks Lynda :) Yeah, I guess it helps if you leave a long enough time between horrible flight sagas - you sort of forget just how bad it was. lol

  9. You look gorgeous with the hair, earrings, flower and all.
    My current writing is fighting with my current middle grade novel editing and doing writing exercises to better my writing. Glad to have you back on the blogosphere.

  10. Thanks Akoss - good to be back too! :D


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