Saturday, 12 February 2011

One-sentence mission statements, and Chrysalis

With the Chrysalis Experiment, this week was my turn to post a story for the Friday feature (link here). Before the time came to post my story, I had already written most of it, except the last section. But I already had the ending planned, and as I was comparing notes with other participants, this is what I told them they could expect:

unrequited love, false sympathy, and a stalled execution leading to a suicide

Technically though, we don't actually see that ending happen. It's simply implied.

We also have a running joke about villains called Susan - a few of us have written stories with evil characters named Susan. So this week one of the participants asked me if my villain this time was called Susan too (I didn't name her in the story). My answer was that I don't know her name, but I know it's not Susan. ;) AW this week I've been getting help with my SUNDOWN synopsis, and I was advised to come up with a one-sentence summary of my novel - a "mission statement" of sorts. I didn't think I could do it easily, and apparently the person who suggested it didn't think I could either. Haha. But here is my first attempt (which actually is the result of many other attempts made prior to posting):

A rocker chick determined never to love again meets her muso kindred spirit, and must choose between risking her heart in the future and staying safely hidden in the past.

So there you go. That about sums up SUNDOWN.

I'm sure I can make it more sparkly and pretty in future, but it's good to at least have a line I can return to when trying to hone my query/synopsis, and even the novel itself, to make sure I'm sticking to the point.

P.S. I want to mention the SECOND WRITERS' PLATFORM-BUILDING CRUSADE, which I am signing up for and which looks pretty cool! If you are interested in getting more active in the writers' blogging community, networking more and having fun, looks like you and I have something in common. And you should sign up too! Hurry though, the deadline is fast approaching! Oh, and Rachael Harrie is the one who came up with this. Cool idea, eh?!


  1. Hey miss,
    Thanks for stopping by book blog. I know I can't wait to read the hoties in that book ;)
    Oh and thanks for sharing the Crusade event. I didn't know there was such an amazing event taking place.

  2. Yeah, it sounds pretty cool huh? I look forward to seeing how it goes :)

  3. Hi Trisha, welcome to the crusade! I'm originally from WA too, but I'm currently living in Melbourne. I was just over in Perth a couple of weeks ago :).

    I love your sentence summary. Your story sounds interesting.

  4. Hey Sari, nice to meet you :D Yeah, the Crusade sounds great! And how's the weather in Melbs right now? Perth is way too hot for my liking. I recently returned from the snow in Canada, and I'm missing it so much I'm dreaming of it. haha

  5. Hey Trisha, welcome on board the Crusade! It's lovely to meet you, and another fellow Aussie, woot :)




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