Friday, 25 February 2011

Err...slight problem

Just when you think your 2nd draft (or 2.2nd draft, really) is all good in terms of actual plot let the Revision Compulsion Pixies take over your brain, and everything gets messed up, and you suddenly have no idea how to move from the end of one (rewritten) chapter to the next (former follow-on chapter), because there is no longer any continuity, and how the heck do I get my characters to the point where they have the major discussion that is the next point in the story?

Um. Yeah.

On the upside, I much prefer the rewritten stuff to what was there before. In fact, I prefer it in a squeeing kind of way. Wheeee!

I mean 'squeeeee!'


I didn't think I had any plot work to do anymore. :( Guess I was WROOOOOONNNG, baby.


  1. I've been there, too, but it all works out in the end in the form of a much better manuscript. Good luck with it!

    No, I don't think I'd like your 6 months of extreme summer heat either. Oh well.


  2. I can always find something wrong with my manuscripts. This is why I do not read it once it is published, because I know I would find something that I wish I didn't write like that.

  3. Ah, yes, I've had this "slight" problem as well! You just gotta figure out a new way to get them to that next major point :)

  4. At least you love the new work! I'm not even editing my manuscript yet and I have this problem.

  5. Oh no! Hey, you'll figure it out and it'll be better than before. Good luck with those revisions!

  6. Those dang Revision Pixies never let us rest, the little farts. :) But on the bright side, after you have this revision done (many, many hours in the future), just think how great your manuscript will be !

  7. At least you like where the editing is going so that's a plus. Keep at it. It can only get better not worst.

  8. Imagine what revision must have been like in the days of the standard typewriter. Holy musta taken years.

  9. Oh, hi! Fancy meeting you in this particular corner of revision hell! Yep, that's where I'm at, too. I figure it's better to discover that the plot has a fatal flaw now than when I'm sending it out to agents as a finalised draft. That's about the only good thing about discovering this, though.

  10. @vbtremper - yeah, the heat is pretty sucky right now, i am SOOO over it! Anyway, thanks for the pep talk :D

    @K.C.Blake - yeah, I think I'd have to avoid reading my books if they ever did get published. even just for those typos everybody somehow missed. I would be very disappointed to see such things. lol

    @Rachel Morgan - yep, thankfully I did figure it out already. But it will require me to rewrite part of what I already rewrote. lol.

    @Kari Marie - I guess it's good you at least know what you'll be in for when you start revising! When will that be btw?

    @Julie Musil - Thank you :D

    @tinadchayes - they are pesky lil buggers aren't they?!

    @Akoss - yes, that's what I thought! And I agree, for the time being, on it only getting better. I'm a little worried what may happen if I over-edit. hehe

    @Michael - LOL, good point that! We are very fortunate to have such technology to aid our insanity nowadays! :D

    @Claire - yes, you're right, much better to get it out of the way now. And I haven't even sent this off to beta readers yet. I guess I want to have it as perfect as I can before I do. :P Good LUCK to me, right?

  11. Those pixies usually come out for a reason, annoying as they are. The manuscript will be better for it in the end. If you know in your heart that another revision will make it better, there's no other choice but to do it. Sigh.

  12. Yeah, I knew all along there were parts I wasn't happy with. So I am pretty excited that I am getting them worked out. Still, it's funny that you can think, "Yay, finished! Now I just need to revise." That little 'just' word is kind of misleading ;)


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