Friday, 18 February 2011

1st Crusader challenge!

Yes indeed, the time has arrived for the first Crusader challenge, and you can read all about it here.

Below is my entry for the challenge, a poem I like to call...

A Blade of Fuliguline Grass Makes For A Bloviate Rabbit

Maybe I was a rabbit once

Or something like a duck

I hopped through blades of glass

Fuliguline in my way

But this time I’m a librarian

And I’m not shy at all—no way!

Yet with words I tend to bloviate

Beyond what I can explain

Yes, indeed, you’ll probably find

My word counts are too high

But I’m the more self-confident type

The voices won’t turn me aside

P.S. I rescue baby rats from my cats

And I clear my driveway of snails

I talk to the ants before I grab the spray

And hope they’ll run away

Sometimes I chew on my nails till they break

And my sentences might stretch very far away...............................


It’s time to finish this poem

And put it on my blog

And then I’m going out into the stacks
And putting my iPod on.

The End

I have revealed something about myself in this poem that isn’t strictly true - can you guess what it is?

This was a lot of fun to write. I have written a lot of poetry in my time, but lately it's been mostly for songs, and it's been a while since I wrote a silly poem. :D Anyway...look forward to reading others' entries for this challenge! :) And I have yet to follow everyone. *sags wearily*


  1. Ooh I like! And I do the same thing with critters! Lol! Ants are the only things I purposely kill and I always tell them 'I'm sorry, please leave.';)
    Also, I brake for beetles! Lol!
    Thanks for visiting my blog:) I didn't even know about the first Crusader Challenge:( I too haven't followed everyone yet and i've been terribly out of the loop today with my poor little stoned six year old. ;-)

  2. Okay, that is seriously awesome. Hats off to you! I'm still at the stage of needing to get around to looking up 'filugiline' in the dictionary :P

    Hmm, the untruth... I'm tossing up between you actually being a shy person (but I'm sorta thinking not) or actually being a snail murderer in disguise... I don't know! But I shall certainly look forward to finding out :)

  3. Oh, this was so great! I laughed especially about you warning the ants before you spray - nice! The Crusade sounds like fun; I'll have to try to be early enough to join next time round :)

  4. Greetings fellow crusader! I'm also slowly making way around everyone.

    This is a terrific and fun piece - I'm wonderring that you may not be quite as shy as mentioned.

  5. I'm thinking the snails is false. Great silly poem! Have a wonderful day1

  6. Hi fellow crusader! I loved your poem -- lyrical and fun! My guess at your untruth: that you're like me, one of the few left in the world who still doesn't have an iPod.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Good morning fellow Crusader. What a delightful poem. I enjoyed reading it. I think your little fib is about not being shy.

  8. Great poem! I'm not brave enough to try that! I'm thinking your untrue has to do with your sentence length.

  9. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by :D Gotta check out the other participants' efforts too! And Charlotte, it's a pity you missed out but maybe you can play along in an unofficial capacity when/if you really love one of the challenges. :D

  10. This is an awesome poem!!! I hate you! In a very admiring way, of course. So, as for the lie... I think you don't actually listen to your iPod in the library, at least, not while you're working. :D

  11. I'm out of the loop I guess on this crusader challenge thing. But you are the second person today I've visited that has used that fugil.. duck word.

  12. I like the poem. Now I wish I would wrote one (but it would've been awful).

    I think the fib is you're not shy at all. That's my guess, because I don't think you'd lie about saving animals :)

  13. Hey, Trisha,

    What a great post....

    I hopped over from Rach's list to introduce myself and follow.

    Today the first challenge was posted.... YAH!


    February 18, 2011 2:40 PM

  14. You have time to do the following! Have no clue about poetry, except that I write some bad stuff.

  15. Hello fellow crusader!! It's nice to meet you! I wish I could write poetry. Sigh. Tried and failed. :)

  16. You lie, Trisha! You are sooo not going to listen to your iPod (that or you were never a rabbit or a duck).

    I can't follow everyone by then. I know I can't. It has to do with me reading every single post! Why?!

  17. Oh I love your entry for the challenge! Is the ants a lie?

  18. Brooke, you're right - if you read every single post you will never make it in time. LOL.

    Hey everybody else! hehe

  19. This is quite fun isn't it? Lots of work though too (especially having to kick in bloviate and fuliguline!) So I'm going to guess that your lie is that you don't grab the ant spray-- I don't believe you kill them if you're saving baby rats from your cats. In our house we put the spiders outdoors.

  20. I think you aren't a nail biter! Or that you don't talk to the antsies before you spray them.

  21. Such a great post! Laughed all the way through. As far as the lie? I'm going to say the snail killing. If it is the truth, I'm impressed by how conscious you are in the mornings!

  22. Yes my shoulders sag wearily too! 200+ is a lot to find/follow.

    Loved your poem. I don't think you talk to ants.


  23. That was fun! I really enjoyed that!

    And to answer your question posed on my blog: no, the Race to 200 is international!! :)

  24. I like it :-) and nice to meet you.
    I talk to spiders before I relocate them out of the house >.< hmm you aren't a librarian?

  25. Hehe, it's funny seeing what everyone is guessing :P Will have to reveal all when the challenge is officially over :D

  26. I am loving the posts with the poems. This is excellent! Particularly love the line: "I talk to the ants before I grab the spray." Priceless. :-)

  27. I love your poem! :D

    Oh, I really don't know which one's the lie . . . but if I have to guess, I'd say the one about long sentences is false.

  28. Ha ha! This made me smile :-)
    Ok, I'm guessing the lie is.... "I'm not shy at all"??

    xx Rachel

  29. Hey, Trisha! I am gaping in astonishment at the fact that you've hit all 211 blogs...and I share your frustration at how some bloggers have no discernible way to follow them. I like to subscribe so I can read blogs in a reader or via email.

  30. I love this! Nicely done. I’m a fellow crusader and thought I’d stop by to say HEY! Great blog! I’m your newest follower. You can find me at .

  31. Cheers C.K., pretty sure I've already followed ya since I've followed everyone :P But I'll double check! hehe

    Thanks everyone for your comments, glad you're enjoying the poem. It was fun to write! :D

  32. Love it! Very creative!

    Happy to meet you... fellow crusader.

  33. Oh this is a clever way to do the first challenge! Love it, fellow crusader! :)

  34. Great poem and use of non words lol! :)

  35. Fun poem. I confess I have seen the most recent post that tells me which is the lie, though. :O)

  36. Thanks Kerri :D
    and yeah, i considered waiting longer before revealing my lie, but figured i wouldn't get much more traffic on the entry :D

  37. I missed out on the guessing but it was a great poem!

  38. I would have to say that you are actually shy. The numbers indicate that writers are introverted and writing is a way to express themselves without putting themselves "out there". :D

    Hello fellow crusader!

  39. Do you really clear the driveway of snails? Commendable citizen.

    Trisha you might want to join the collective writing experiment I'm running in March:


  40. @Patricia - thanks! and yay, hi fellow Patricia. hehe

    @LadyJai - you're right! :)

    @chenoafawn - yes, I do, I am always sad if I accidentally squish a snail. In fact I even hate killing cockroaches, and boy do I hate those things. ;) I once rescued a drowning cockroach from a pool. ha. Also, thanks for letting me know about your experiment! I think i'll add it to my "blogfests" page, which needs a new name to incorporate other things than blogfests> :D

  41. I wonder if your lie is rescuing rats from cats. I hate them. They get in everyone's fruit trees here in Southern California.

  42. I'm so impressed by the poem entries for the challenge and your is fab. I think the lie is the iPod, or you're not actually a librarian.

    Good luck with the challenge.

  43. I have revealed my lie by now, but I've gotta tell you guys neither of you guessed right :D


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