Friday, 25 February 2011

Apparently I write like Stephen King

I write like
Stephen King
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Which is ironic, since I pasted the first scene in my contemporary romance novel in to find out who I wrote like. ;) Oh well. Maybe there's something new in Stephen King's future. :D My critiquing buddy and I did have a bit of a running joke about my Jared turning out to be a zombie, so maybe I have more in common with King than I thought. And that reminds me of this b-grade horror movie I saw once, about a metal band that was made up of zombies. Or maybe the lead singer guy was the only zombie. I can't remember.

Speaking of Jared and co., though - today's word count is 109,183. Woo! So close to the 108,000s. Hehe.

Oh, I should update on ABNA - I am not a winner. Well, I am, but just not in ABNA's eyes. In my own eyes I am very full of win. :D

For Chrysalis this week, I wrote about a few characters, but one in particular I absolutely hated with every fibre of my being. Have you written characters that you really just want to reach out and strangle? I did this week.



  1. That was interesting. I pasted a few paragraphs of one story and got Mgt. Mitchell and for a second one got Rudyard Kipling. Feeling very chuffed with myself. I am off now to write more.

  2. I'll have to see who I write like! I'm in the process of making the "villain" someone the main character hates, but I love him to death! So. . . I can't say I want to strangle him. As long as you're full of win sauce in your eyes, that's what counts! And thanks for the awards! :D

  3. Ann, sounds like you're on the right track! hehe. I should see what happens when I paste other stories in.

    Villains can be awesome Madeline - but this one is just a complete jerk. ;) He's not even a fun bad boy.

  4. My Chrysalis story is coming very, very slowly. -sigh-

    So is 100,000 your ultimate goal?

  5. Brooke - my ultimate goal FOR NOW is 100,000. But I'd ideally like it to be at most 95k. Maybe even closer to 90k. :D

    But my original goal was 120k. Then after that, I changed it to 100k. I guess I like to give myself slightly less scary goals to work towards, at any given time.

  6. Hi Trisha, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I too am a singer as well as a writer, but I don't write songs (funnily enough).

    Well done with progress on Sundown - I wonder whether 109.2% is complete :-)

    It's good to meet you.

  7. Tony, it's actually TOO finished, i.e. overbloated :P So I'm trying to make it slightly more slender ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have you done any recording Tony?

  8. I apparently write with an odd mixture of Margaret Atwood, and Mary Shelly. Lol!

  9. That is a rather odd mixture, Griffinclaw :D

    I just did some more tests, and I also write like:

    Margaret Mitchell
    David Foster Wallace (got this guy for 2 different stories :P)

  10. More often than not, it says that I write like James Joyce. I have absolutely no idea what that means.

    I always thought that Jared ran away from a cult.

  11. Yes, I remember that Jenn :D I guess it could be seen as a cult in a way - freaky nice parents after all the other stuff he went through!


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