Monday, 14 February 2011

The Chrysalis Experiment on Facebook ;)

Yes, we have our own Facebook page now. So far, one person has 'liked' it - me. Hehe. If you're on Facebook and you like what we're doing, feel free to show it! :)

The Chrysalis Experiment on Facebook are some random things I want to mention:
  1. My wordcount for SUNDOWN is at 111,140 - the lowest it's been since before I completed the rough first draft.
  2. I was doing a sort of haphazard map of chapters and I realised there are a large number of chapters (like eight or something!) during which the hero and heroine don't speak at all. So I need to do something about condensing that "apart time" down. There's such a thing as keeping readers in too much suspense, after all.
  3. I'm all signed up for the Crusade, and can't wait to read about the first challenge on Friday!
  4. I need to go and follow a whole lot of people as part of the Crusading effort :)
  5. I studied the Crusades at uni, and the main one I remember is the one where Christians killed Christians without knowing they were doing so (or maybe they did know)
  6. This guy on found my music and in the past day or so has racked up 67 listens! For my little page, that is a lot of listening in a little amount of time. ;)
  7. I finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and posted my review on GoodReads. 6 books down out of my 25-book goal for the year. Now I'm reading The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman (it's just one of many books on my entire bookshelf of unread books - yes, I have a whole bookshelf for this).
And I think that's all I can think of for now.


  1. I don't have a facebook or I would like it.

    I'm gong to have a lot of reading as well as following. But I've mentioned why too many times before.

  2. That's okay, at least you 'like' it in spirit! :D

  3. I liked it in spirit and in flesh, so to speak. :P


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