Thursday, 16 June 2011

Qurious Quirks Blogfest

Once again, I missed the deadline, but oh well, I'm going to do this blogfest anyway! My friend Brooke is hosting it, and I believe in many parts of the world it's still the 15th, so you can still sign up & participate! Do that HERE.

The blogfest involves this:

  1. Sign up in the Linky. You do not have to be a follower to participate nor do you have to post the badge on your blog. However, both would be appreciated.
  2. On June 15th, post questions or a small writing prompt relating to quirks on your blog and challenge others to answer in the comments. You must accept your own challenge. You can answer using one of your characters, someone you know in real life, or yourself.
  3. Go to at least two other blogs and accept their challenges. I will repost the Linky at the end of my own blogfest entry on June 15th. - Brooke

Anyway, onto my entry! I'm going to ask questions of my character Edgar D., who I really love even though he's a bit of a bitter and twisted bastard. I also want to ask the same questions of my character Ever B., who is...well, wait and see.

  1. So, Edgar and Ever, how'd you get to this point in your lives?

    Ed: Shit happened, and then I...well, I did almost die a few times. But narrowly avoided that particular fate. Basically, though, time passed and now here I am.

    Ev: Sometimes I really do think I floated down on a rainbow - or was it a cloud - or maybe on the wings of a stork. Aliens were potentially involved...
  2. Do you believe in fate?

    Ed: I believe in shit happening for no particular reason. So I guess that's a no?

    Ev: Fate is like the substance of one's soul unfurling into the light, and...questing. Ever-questing.
  3. What do you love most about music?

    Ed: It's a way to purge the body of the poison that builds up inside. Plus, it pays the bills.

    Ev: It's like a weeping willow tree in a breeze... Or sometimes not in a breeze. Sometimes just standing there...rustling.
  4. What do you love most about life?

    Ed: It's got to end sometime, right?

    Ev: It's just so full of beauty...
  5. Do you have any pets?

    Ed: Hey, listen now...the rumours aren't true - I'm not completely evil. I wouldn't subject any living creature to my company.

    Ev: I've got pets in my heart. Pets in my soul. Pets all around... Is that what you meant?

So, have at it! Answer these if you want. :P


  1. Your two voices are so distinct. I wanna try, I wanna try . . .

    So, Kris and Tyler, how'd you get to this point in your lives?

    Kris: Because I tried to avoid paying for what I've done. Now I have to pay and I just hope to God I don't take my friends down with me.

    Tyler: I'm supposed to be in this place at this time. I don't why, but I know I've got to take care of everyone. And I bloody-well will.

    Do you believe in fate?

    Kris and Tyler: Yes.

    What do you love most about music?

    Kris: How it inspires my body to move.

    Tyler closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath: It's the only thing I know how to do.

    What do you love most about life?

    Kris: freedom

    Tyler: that it hasn't beaten me yet.

  2. Love your answers! Good job :)

  3. 1. Is it your business? I'm pretty sure it's not, so please, can we just focus on the present and getting through this hell of a mess?

    2. Fate is something made up by someone like Acorn. Anything that happens in life is your own fault, the good and bad.

    3. The fact that one day it might win Cliff a life.

    4. The fact that I've managed to stay alive.

    5. Mitch always wants one, but we just can't afford it.

  4. A cute little blogfest. Wish I'd come across it earlier in the day and not just before bedtime! Dropped by to read your post today and to see if you'd heard of the movie The Ledge. The previews are here: What I hear is that it's an "atheist movie" but it looks quite interesting and I'm definitely keeping my eye out!

  5. @Brooke - nice answers! :D

    @Danette - I may vaguely have heard of it, will definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up :) Hope you're doing well! :)

  6. That was fun :)

    I've been out of blogger for a while and having troubles catching up.

    Just wanted to stop by and say "hello!"


  7. Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by :) It can be a little overwhelming when you get too far behind!

  8. I don't know why, but I love Ev's answer to number 3. It made me giggle.

  9. I love how you said you missed the blogfest. I posted mine later than you, but I was still on the 16th. Time zones are strange little things. Edgar and Ever seem way too cool! I love these questions! Let me just go get Ceil. . .

    1. It took a lot of hiding, and attempts to fight when no one really wanted to. And it may or may not have taken a few wrong accusations from people I want to like to make me grumpy.

    2. Sure, but I believe in people who like to screw fate up.

    3. Music? I guess sometimes we sing, but it's nothing important here. . .

    4. I love the fact that there's so much energy in it and we're strong beings. We just have some buttheads that don't want to take the risk of life.

    5. The only other creatures around here are fish, and we eat those. Maybe some day I'll whack a hunter on the head and make him my pet.

  10. I'd love to meet Edgar and Ever, though not at the same time, that would be, um, interesting. I'll try here....


    1. Let's just say some people have prejudices they won't let go of.

    2. Look where I am, no person could've brought me here, no one would've taken the time to care enough to. I believe in fate, and I hope fate believes in me.

    3. It's the only thing I have left of my mother.

    4. That sometimes it's not always what it seems.

    5. I have a horse named Lanai who's more loyal than most of the people I've met. But she's not a pet, I consider her more of a friend. So the answer to your question is no.

  11. Love all your answers too :) Makes me want to read about all your pets.

    OMG, Madeline, are you writing about demon mermaids for one of your novels?!?! hehe

  12. I love your characters' voices! And what a fun idea for a blogfest.

    I left you an award on my blog today. :)

  13. Those two voices are very unique! I loved it.

  14. Thanks guys :) I also think I want to post the answers to other people's questions that I posted on the other participants' blogs, as they were fun to answer too!

    Susan, thanks, checking it out! :)

  15. Bahahahaha! Love your answers. I think Ev needs to lay off the magic mushrooms! :-)

  16. Thanks Cally ;) Yeah, Ever is...away with the fairies. But that's the case with her entire band. hehe


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