Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ABNA rears it's...err...pretty head again

No really, it's a pretty head! *Pats the pretty ABNA head* But I just got an email saying that since I entered ABNA this year (regardless of how far I did not get. hehe), I get a coupon for a free proof copy of my novel (any novel) at CreateSpace! Another one!!

I'm sure anyone else who entered has got the same email. I think it's kind of cool!

Now the only trick is to decide what novel to use my code on!! I have so many choices!

I could get a new copy of SUNDOWN, which has changed to a ridiculous degree since I got that original proof copy of it. Or I could go for something entirely new.

I'm leaning towards entirely new...


  1. I know! I think I'll go for a proof of my ABNA copy...although there again...

  2. I would go for something new too. You do already have a copy of the other WIP even if it isn't up-to-date.

    Don't forget about my blogfest today!

  3. Sounds good. Good for you! :O)

  4. @Christine - it's cool huh?!

    @Brooke - yep, agreed! And I posted my blogfest entry, a day late but still I posted it!

    @Madeleine - thanks :)

  5. I say go for a new proof of Sundown or any other wip that you've super polished so far. :)
    One day I might try my chances at ABNA. Until then NaNo will have to do.

  6. Akoss, Sundown is the only one I've super polished so far. hehe. But I think I want to go with something else... Just not easy to decide what!!


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