Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Oops...missed a blogfest

So, I kind of missed yesterday's 2nd Summer in the City blogfest, hosted by Bess Weatherby, due to my internet woes. But I thought I'd address the topic anyway, even if a day late! These were the requirements of the Blogfest:

1. Sign up
2. Follow my blog

3. On June 6, 2011, post two things:

  • What your current WIP looks like
  • What your writing goals are for the summer
4. Go around to the other blogs to encourage -- together we can make it through the lazy months! - Bess Weatherby

So, I did sign up, and I am a follower of Bess Weatherby's great blog! Now I guess I'll talk about those two things in point 3!

What does my current WIP look like?

Yay! I have a new WIP, and it's actually a WIP, i.e. work-in-progress, not some complete draft that I'm revising into dust. It feels amazing to just be writing again, and to enjoy that. I'm writing in first person present tense, and that's a style I love to write in but haven't done much of. Sometimes I think my writing is better if I stick to this format. Weird, but true. My MC and her best friend do bear an interesting resemblance to another MC/best friend pair I've written about before. I mean, not physically, but personality-wise. Still, this is a very different work to that one. I'd call it contemporary, with a dash of murder mystery and a dash of romance. I'm about 20.5k in right now, and wondering how I'll manage to make it to 50k (this novel is my BuNoWriMo project), but I'm not too worried. I'm too busy enjoying myself!

What are my writing goals for the summer?

First off, I wanted to say it's not summer here. We're heading into winter, though the blue sky and shining sun I see today will probably make people from other parts of the world snigger, roll their eyes and go, "You call that winter, biaaatch?!?!" Still, it's winter for us. :P Anyway, onto the point... My goals? Well, they're the same-ish as on my Goals list. Except that most of those goals (besides the reading one, and Chrysalis) are currently on hold while I get through June and BuNoWriMo. I have yet to add June's project to the Goals list, but will do! So yeah, I guess my goals for the "summer" are to keep chipping away at that list, but definitely to complete BuNo and gear up toward NaNo! Woooo! Oh, and to stay inspired.

Now I guess my last task is to visit other blogs. Which I will certainly do. ;)


  1. LOL; its supposed to be heading into summer here in Northern CA, but the weather isn't cooperating. Raining and well below 70 most often. Not good for the rise growers.

    Awesome that you have a WiP and summer writing goals. I'm too busy focussing on my day job right now.

    You missed another blogfest; Fun and Games, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. No biggie. I've missed about 4 over the last couple weeks. 4 that I know of. Hey; gotta work on the WiP; right?

    Sounds like your writing life is clicking right along. And that's a good thing Trisha.


  2. A winter list. Yay! Good luck with the rest of BuNoWriMo!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. Thanks Ellie! :D

    @Donna, yeah our 'winter' isn't looking all that wintery really. We aren't getting enough rain - it's been drought! But it IS kind of chilly right now. And yeah, I guess we can look at the Blogfest skipping as prioritising!! Still, they ARE fun!

  4. Well, you can't do *everything*! At least I can't. After a flurry of contests and the Crusade in the winter and spring I had to take a break. Breaks are good. Trisha, Keep enjoying that WIP!

  5. NICE list! Yay for your WIP!

  6. I can't remember how I ended up here, but I'm a new follower, so: nice ta meet ya!

  7. Sounds like doable goals. Good luck!

  8. It's always exciting starting a new project! Good luck with meeting your summer/winter goals! :)

  9. I always forget that you all are having winter now. My birthday is in August... I can't imagine it being a winter birthday!

    Keep up with your goals, and yay for having a WIP!

  10. it's basically winter in England right now and we're in the northern hemisphere.

  11. It's summer here - yuck! Working on a non-fiction book right now. Feels good to be writing again, too!

  12. oh, good luck with your new WIP and your goals :)

  13. Good luck on your goals Trisha! It's very humid here, which is my excuse for being late with this blogfest... I think I'll post my goals on the weekend :-) They'll be the same as my A Round of Words in 80 Days goals.

  14. Yay for your winter list! It's also winter here... And my winter holiday is going to be spent overseas (in summer - yay!) visiting family, so NO writing is getting done then :-(

  15. @Rachel - I'm sure you will have a great time overseas!! Personally though, I love our winters :D I love the colder type too, that you get overseas. But that's probably mostly 'cause we never get them here! ;)

    @Deniz - thank you! :D Humidity is gross :(

  16. Tisha--I always find 20k+ words get added in my second draft as details come out I neglected to explore in the first. Glad you're enjoying your WIP. Keep it up!

  17. Crystal, yeah I'm sure I can add stuff to it. And the ending of the storyline is moving kind of quickly! I bet I can stretch it out more. ;)


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