Saturday, 11 June 2011

Some upcoming blogfests & a contest

Hi all, quick entry today just to advertise some upcoming Blogfests:

June 15th - Qurious Quirks Blogfest
  1. On June 15th, post questions or a small writing prompt relating to quirks on your blog and challenge others to answer in the comments. You must accept your own challenge. You can answer using one of your characters, someone you know in real life, or yourself.
  2. Go to at least two other blogs and accept their challenges. I will repost the Linky at the end of my own blogfest entry on June 15th.

June 20-22nd - Favourite Book Challenge Blogfest
  1. Pick your top five favorite books
  2. Between Jun 20 and 22, write one line of what each book is about and then write one line of why you liked it. Think of it like a twitter pitch for other people’s work. Semi-colons are cheating, but you can use them anyway.
  3. Go to other blogs and discuss the books.
  4. If you do not keep a blog, put your challenge in the comments on the day of the event.

June 27th - Lovin' the Language Blogfest
  1. Pick any five lines (yes, it can be a few short lines that roll together. That's okay, and is probably what I'll do) from one of your WIPs. If you're feeling shy, and don't want to share from your own work, share from something you LOVE.

So there you go, some fun blogfests in works!!

In other news, my fellow writer/blogger Jenni Merritt is having a Race to 100 contest, wherein as soon as she hits 100 followers somebody gon' get a prize! I follow Jenni's blog already of course, but I do highly recommend that the rest of you follow it too! Jenni's a great chick!

And that's all I have to say! No really, I'm serious!!


  1. I love the idea of a Top 5 Favorite Books blogfest~ I'm sure I'll get tons of great recommendations from that! Thanks for the info and link to Jenni's contest :)

  2. Excellent, thank you! I definitely needed some Blogfests to sign up to, so I'm doing all three! Hoorah!

  3. @Jess - yeah it's pretty cool :) But it'll be hard to narrow down to just 5... ARGH!

    @Angeline - yay, guess I'll see ya during those blogfests too, then! hehe

  4. Hey! Thanks for the nod!

    Also - your blog is awesome :D

  5. Thanks Trish! You're a pretty awesome chick yourself :)

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) It's great that you have all this blog competition info up, I can't wait to try some out!
    Hope your BuNoWriMo is going well.

  7. Oh I really like that Favorite books blogfest with twitter-style descriptions! Thanks for passing on the news - I'm signing up.

  8. that's a lot of organized fun.

  9. Hey everyone!! Thanks for the comments & for stopping by!

    @E - yeah, it is. LOL.

  10. Thank you for posting about my blogfest! I'm really excited about it and I'm glad people are spreading the word.

    Your site is my greatest resource for finding blogfests, which I really appreciate. Thanks!

  11. I like the idea of the Top 5 Book blogfest and might think about that one, but I'm still so behind with things I'm not sure I can do blog events yet. I'm going to check it out though.

    Tossing It Out


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