Thursday, 23 April 2015

A to Z 2015 - "T" Photos

In the A-to-Z 2015, we're up to the letter "T", and I am going to feature another of my favourite things in nature:





  1. I love trees. They are the things I love to take pictures of the most, so I really enjoyed this one. :)

  2. I love trees. I spent a month at the beach when I was a teen and I missed "real" trees. I'm a northern girl and we have hardwoods, like oaks and maples. Pine just doesn't count as a tree in the long run.

  3. Hi Trisha - I love trees and they offer so much life ... and there's such a variety supporting a huge range of insects, mammals etc .. cheers Hilary

  4. Beautiful variety. I love trees.

  5. Trees are so beautiful! I love that picture taken from the top of the mountain.

  6. Lovely photos of such a variety of trees. I stopped by to say hello after reading Margot's blog where she honored you in her A to Z post today .
    Melissa Sugar
    Twitter @msugar13

  7. I too, adore trees! I live in the Piney Woods of SE Texas, so there are a lot of pines. But there are also majestic oaks, stately cedars, blooming dogwood and red bud. Cyprus in the back water areas. Holly trees. Sweet gum. By our pond we have a circle of willows. I adore them all, even though their pollen stuffs my nose and waters my eyes.
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