Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A to Z 2015 - "R" Photos

It's Day ... whatever, I've lost track ... of the A-to-Z challenge, and I *do* know that today's letter is R! For R's theme I have chosen to focus on yet another of my photographic obsessions:

(& Reflective)


  1. Ooh these are wonderful. I love them all but think my fave is the yellow tulip.

  2. Beautiful photos. Lovely choice of word.

  3. Some of those are amazing. I think I like the tall office building with the sky reflected on its surface best.

  4. What beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Carolyn@Pastimes-Passions-Paraphernalia.org Blogging from A to Z Challenge

    1. Hi Carolyn - unfortunately I can't leave a comment on your blog. When I try to submit the comment, it says that my anti-spam word wasn't correct but there is no place anywhere that I can see to type in an anti-spam word. My comment I would have left was this:

      "This is a fun post. :) I used to teach a very tongue-in-cheek Aussie Language class on one of the online forums I belonged to back in the day. I would teach my students to string together an Aussie sentence ;) "

  5. These would make wonderful FF prompts!


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