Friday, 10 April 2015

A to Z 2015 - "I" Photos

The A-to-Z challenge is chugging along, and we're at Day 9. I'm looking forward to another break on Sunday. ;) Today is letter "I", and I decided to focus on something we don't get nearly enough of where I live...





  1. Wow, some of those are just amazing.

  2. Ice is so beautiful to look at but I'm so terrified of driving on it. And I'm so clumsy that walking is also a challenge at times LOL. But I love winter anyway so these pics are gorgeous to me.

  3. you can have some of ours! spring keeps teasing us then running away again! (50 and chilly again after 70s and thunderstorms)

    you've chosen some wonderful perspectives for your images! heights and gnomes and droplets are my faves and number one is entryways! so cool!

    1. For me, it's the opposite - autumn and winter keep teasing me then going away again!! :P Our summer sometimes lasts 6+ months and I hate almost every second of it.

  4. I've got plenty of ice in Pennsylvania if you ever need some. ;) Beautiful pictures. I really love the icicles hanging off the cave.

  5. Nice shots. If I don't have to walk on it or scrape it, ice really is beautiful.

    Inventions by Women A-Z

  6. Ice pictures can be soothing and therapeutic... great on the eye!
    But if you 'dig deeper', then it's a case of 'cold deception'... and that is open to interpretation. LOL


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