Friday, 21 June 2013

[O&AM] I might be a mad cow [but I AM a songwriter!]

I was born in 1980 in a building outside a little almost-town in England (I shared a photo of the building itself back in May in this post). I do think it's cooler to say I was born in a field, but still, technically, only the building was in the field, and my parents and I were in the building. Because I spent the first eighteen months of my life in the UK, there's potential I've got mad cow's disease. Or, rather, that I'm a carrier. Even though I was only there until the end of 1981, I'm still banned from giving blood today. And of course mad cow disease (the human form) is still an issue today (as indicated by this article).

I find it hard to believe I'm really, truly a mad cow, and yet I could be that one in four thousand that (allegedly, possibly, maybe) really does carry it around in her bloodstream all day long! I would dearly love to give blood, and I always feel deflated when those blood drives are going on and everyone who doesn't donate is made to feel guilty for being such a selfish loser. But on the upside, I get to say "I can't give blood 'cause I could be a mad cow."

Naturally my friends all say, "So that's what the hell's up with you, you crazy biatch!" but strangers generally just nod politely and move on their way. ;) So, there you go. You learned something more about me today (even if you already had an inkling that I was potentially a mad cow!).

In other news, this:

This is actually a poster advertising ... my upcoming album release. I shouldn't really say "my", because this is very much a joint effort, and in fact much of the effort has been on the other person's part (Billy Bedard is a legend and he knows a lot more about how to create an actual album than I do by now!). But they are my songs, and it's my voice, and it's got my artwork in it. So it's all pretty exciting.

Soon enough there will be a little promo video to release that just has a bit more artwork and a few snippets of sound from the album. As soon as I have that, I will share it here!


  1. Now I feel like such a slacker. I don't give blood because I have never found someone who could find a vein. When I'm forced to have blood drawn for medical tests, I know it's going to take a couple hours and I'm going to be stuck with a needle a minimum of three times (once it took 8 sticks before I was done).

    Being a possible mad cow carrier would be so much nicer.

  2. Congrats on the new album - very impressive!

    That's wild about the Mad Cow thing. I had no idea it would exclude certain segments of the population from blood donation.

  3. Mad Cow huh? Congrats on the music.

  4. Wow, congratulations on the album! How exciting. Love the poster.
    I didn't know Mad Cow would exclude you from giving blood either. How bizarre.

  5. Um, I kinda think the album release deserves a headliner. I mean the Mad Cow story is cute and all but could wait until another day- the album! That's news! Congrats!!!

  6. Looking forward to snippets from the album. That is VERY cool!

  7. Awesome about your new album! Very cool. Sorry to hear about the mad cow, wish they could develop a quick and accurate test that could tell you once and for all if you truly were a carrier.

  8. Ah, Trisha, best personal story I've read in a while ;)
    Thanks for sharing--and I genuinely mean that.

  9. Congrats on the new release!
    The mad cow story is unbelievable...
    In this day and age, one would imagine that there would be specific measures in place, to determine the carrier/non-carrier issue? It's crazy...
    Writer In Transit

  10. Holy smokes! Talk about multiply talented!! That is impressive...well, all but the mad cow. As funny as it sounds, it would make me worry!

  11. Haha! It is quite fun to tell people you may be a mad cow ;) And congratulations on your upcoming album release! How exciting!

  12. Congrats on the album! As Kaylee Frye would say, shiny!


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